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    <div data-xf-p=”1″>You can easily reduce the cost of these party supplies by buying and decorating plain white paper or polystyrene cups in different ways to suit the theme of your birthday party. Because cups are actually for drinking, paper lid wholesale not just for table decoration, don’t overdecorate.</div>
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    <div data-xf-p=”1″>Funny faces: These cups are ideal surfaces for creating funny faces that turn boredom into fun at the party table. You can use colored construction paper cut into different shapes to create the faces of animals, people, or cartoon characters. Use colored stickers on your nose, eyes and cheeks.</div>
    <div data-xf-p=”1″>Color pipe cleaner can be used on whisker. biodegradable lunch trays I don’t recommend adding “hair” to your face unless you can be sure that the yarn or wool won’t interfere with the drinking process. bagasse bowl wholesale You can also add a foot or shoe cut from construction paper and attach it to the bottom of the cup. If you make animal faces, tails can be made from string or cotton balls.</div>



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Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)

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