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Print Press Plate
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Standard plate has infinite uses
Enchanted plate has 3 uses by default
Atlas plate has 1 use
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The Print Press Plate is created with the Typesetting Table and used in the Printing Press to print books. There are three types of plates. Standard Print Press Plates have an infinite durability and can be used to print an unlimited number of books. Enchanted Plates have 3 uses by default, but can be changed in the config file. Atlas plates will only make 1 copy.


Printing Press Plates are used on the Printing Press. Please see the Printing Press for more information.


Printing Press Plates are created using the Typesetting Table. Please see the for more Typesetting Table information.

Config Options

Look for these options in Minecraft folder under config/BiblioCraft.cfg

The number of enchanted book an enchanted plate will print can be changed in the config.

 # This will set the max number of uses an Enchanted Plate has before breaking. Default is 3.

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*Added Atlas plate for copying the Atlas.
*Added option in the config to change the number of uses an enchanted plate has.

* New Item/Game Mechanic: Enchanted Plates. Now the player can take an enchanted book and place it on the bottom left slot of the typesetting table. If the player is wearing the reading glasses or other eyeware, the number of levels required to make an enchanted plate will be displayed. Sneak clicking the enchanted book with an empty hand with create an enchanted plate, provided the player has enough XP levels and a chase on the typesetting table. The plate can then be placed into the printing press and printed like a standard book with ink and blank books. The enchanted plate only has 3 uses before it breaks.
* NEW ITEM: Printing Press Plate – This can only be created on a typesetting table and must be placed on a printing press to print a copy of the book it contains.