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Tape Measure
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Additional Features
Measures distance between 2 points
Shows distance in real time on screen
Can measure x, y, and z coordinate differences
Can be used to rotate items on the Table
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The Tape Measure is used to measure distances in minecraft. It has 2 modes, a per coordinate measurement which returns the x, y, and z measurements between points and absolute measurement mode which gives a straight distance in meters between 2 points.

The tape measure will also place down a marker pole block on the block you click on (if it can) and display the distance from the marker pole to the player in real time right below the player’s crosshair. The marker pole is automatically removed when the measurement is complete. However if the marker pole does not, for whatever reason, get removed, it has a small hit box that can be broken to remove the pole.

Also can be used to rotate items on the Table by right clicking on any of the 4 sides of the table.


In the default mode, a per coordinate measurement mode, right clicking on a block selects a block and places a marker pole, then right clicking on any other block will give up to 3 separate measurements  in blocks/meters for each direction, north/south, east/west, and height. Dimensions are only returned if the measured distance is greater than 0.

In absolute measurement mode, right clicking on a block selects a block and places a marker pole, then right clicking on any other block will give the distance to that block in the nearest meter. Even across angles.

Right clicking the Tape Measure with no block selected will change the measurement mode.




This is a 2 part recipe, first you must craft a tape reel.


Than you can craft your tape measure.

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*Fixed the tape measure not removing the pole at coordinates zero.

*Tweaked: Marker poles from the tape measure now have a small bounding box in the center of the pole so they can be destroyed by hand. They also have been removed from the creative menu.
*Upgraded Tape Measure: Now places a “marker pole” block when starting a measurement and also reads a real time display of the distance to that block in meters. The block is removed upon completing a measurement. The block is non-craftable and has no hit box so it cannot be destroyed by hand. If for some reason a block is not removed then simply starting a new measurement on the same block and completing the measurement will remove the block.
*Added ability to rotate items on the table with the tape measure.
* Fixed the name of the tape measure being incorrect.
* NEW ITEM: The Tape Measure. Simply right click a block to start a measurement, than right click another block to measure the distance, in blocks. Right click without aiming at any blocks to change between 2 modes. The first and default mode will get an absolute measurement, even on angles. The second mod will display up to 3 measurements on each of the 3 axis, no angles.