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Armor Stand
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Additional Features
Can be used without the GUI
With redstone signal, sneak click swaps entire set of armor
Comes in all 6 woods
Includes a framed version for the furniture paneler
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This block holds a full set of armor and can be used with or without a GUI. The armor stand is designed to hold any type of armor from vanilla to mods of all types.


Right clicking opens the GUI. The center slots represent the armor on the stand and the right hand slots represent the armor the player is wearing.

The player can add armor to the stand by holding the piece of armor in their hand and aiming at the desired slot to place the armor, ex, aim at the top to add a helmet. The player can also add/remove/swap armor to and from the stand to and from the players armor inventory by sneak right-clicking on the armor stand on the desired piece of armor/empty slot to add/remove/swap armor to and from the stand. ex, if I am wearing nothing and the armor stand has chest armor, if I aim at the chest piece and sneak-click, I will be wearing the armor. I can sneak click again to take the armor off and place it back on the stand. If I am wearing armor and the stand has armor, shift-clicking will swap those 2 pieces of armor.

If a redstone signal is applied to the stand, sneak clicking on the armor stand will swap your entire set of armor. What you are wearing now will be on the stand and what was on the stand will be equipped on your player.


For version 2.x.x and forward supporting Minecraft 1.8.9 and newer:


For versions 1.x.x supporting Minecraft v1.7.10 and earlier:


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*Armor stand is now a wooden block that comes in 7 base styles including a framed armor stand that can be used on the Furniture Paneler.

*Fixed a potential dupe bug with the armor stand where it was possible to push the top block of the armor stand with a piston
*Fixed armor stand dropping, not breaking correctly and dropping an armor stand for breaking each the top or the bottom of the stand.
*Added Feature to Armor Stand: Pumpkins can now be placed on armor stands in the head position.
*Improved head support on Armor Stands: Now pretty much any custom head should work on the armor stand, including modded heads and unique player heads.
*3D armors on the armor stand should no longer cause crashes. I found a fix to hopefully permanently fix the common null pointer crash that would happen with certain 3D armors.
*Fixed another crash with the armor stand and some of the 3D armors such as the harness from Thaumcraft and the newer 3D armor in Twilight Forest.
*Fixed the zombie head on the armor stand.
*Fixed a crash related to the armor stand, FakePlayer and forge builds ~v940 and later.
*Fixed: Thaumcraft 4 robes now display correctly on armor stands.
*Fixed: Leather Armor now displays the second layer of detail on armor stands.
*Fixed a crash with putting heads on the armor stand while in another language
* Improved mod support. Now potion shelves support ars magica potions and the armor stands support Millenaire mod.
* Added Support: Thaumcraft Thaumostatic Harness 3D models now render on the armor stand. Requires Thaumcraft v3.0.5c+
* Improved mod support. Now the armor stands support Millenaire mod.
* New Feature – Applying a redstone signal to either the top or bottom block of the armor stand and then sneak-clicking the stand with an empty hand will swap the entire set of armor instead of just the piece you are looking at.
* Fixed a crash with the Hover Harness from Thaumcraft on the armor stand.
* Added support for Modular Powersuits on the armor stands.
*Fixed a bug that allowed the armor stand to delete the block above the base when being place below another block. The player can no long place the stand unless there is a 2 block opening.
*Added support for Reading Glasses / Monocle.
*Fixed a bug that allowed the armor stand to delete the block above the base when being place below another block. The player can no long place the stand unless there is a 2 block opening.
* Tweaked Armor Stand – If a player is holding a piece of armor in their hand, they can place it on the armor stand by right clicking the stand with the armor.
* Tweaked Armor Stand – Player can now shift-click from armor stand to player-armor inventory and from player inventory to player armor inventory if stand is full
* Added Armor stand compatibility for many more mods. Most mods should work automatically now. DivineRPG seems to be compatible now for example.
* Added equipped armor to GUI in Armor Stand.
* Added support for Gregtech and Ars Magics armors to the Armor Stand
* Added support for Heads to the Armor Stand.
*Initial Release