Thank you for your interest in BiblioCraft! I started this project at the beginning of 2013 with the aim to simple add a few blocks and items that I had always wanted in the game. From there this project has grown into much more than I originally imagined. The mod is driven by a combination of passion for the game of Minecraft, the passion I have for the creation process that goes into creating such a mod and the amazing feedback I get from everyone who enjoys my work.

If you would like, you can show your support by sending me a donation. As a college student currently studying computer science I don’t have a lot of income right now so every donation is extremely appreciated. Any donations that do come in are invested back into anything that will help me develop BiblioCraft even further. I plan to keep updating with new features and continue to polish old features as well as keep up with the latest version of Minecraft and Forge.

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