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Waypoint Compass
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Yes, Sneak Click
Additional Features
Can manually set waypoint coordinates in GUI
Works with Map Frames
Can be placed inside and used with the Atlas
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The waypoint compass is a compass that points to a set location. The location can be set manually in the GUI, obtained with a waypoint on a map frame, or from a waypoint inside the Atlas.


Sneak click to open the GUI. Click on the top box to type in the name of a waypoint. Click beside the X: or Z: to type in X and Z coordinates. Be sure to click the Accept button to save.  Click the Current Loc button to automatically set the X and Z coordinates to your current location.

After a location is set, Right click to display the name of the location and the X and Z coordinates in a chat message. Hovering over the icon in your inventory, the information will be in the tooltip as well.

To use the waypoint compass with a Map Frame, right click a waypoint pin on a Map Frame with the compass in hand to copy that waypoints information to the compass. See the Map Frame for more information about waypoint pins.

To use the waypoint compass in the Atlas, Open the Atlas to the inventory screen. Place the compass in one of the 6 slots on the left page of the Atlas inventory. You can place up to 6 compasses in there. Goto the Atlas map screen and you will see an icon on the left side for each compass you have in the Atlas. Hovering over that compass will show the waypoint name and coordinate. Clicking on that compass will add a green checkmark to that compass, that means that compass will show up on your hotbar, overlaying the Atlas icon. It will also show the location of the waypoint with a orange spinning icon. With a compass selected, you will see a compass icon beside your mouse pointer. If there are waypoint pins in the map in the Atlas then you can click on one of those pins to set your compass to that waypoint. You can also set a new waypoint coordinate to the compass by holding Ctrl and clicking anywhere on the map.



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*Added Atlas support for the Waypoint Compass
*Waypoint Compass GUI now has a “Current Loc” button that will set your current location to the compass.
*Added Waypoint Compass