*Networking system reworked and updated thanks to Exopteron on GitHub.
*Potential exploit has been fixed with the updated networking system
*Sound for the desk bell on a server has been fixed
*Sound for the display case on a server has been fixed

*Fixed a crash that keeps occuring with the clipboard
*Fixed a crash with framed fancy signs that came up after the previous update
*Fixed a nullpointer crash that could occur with the atlas, canvas, compass, map tool, marker pole, and seak backs.
*Fixed the reading enchantment so it can be applied to helmets and helmets function like the reading glasses again.
*Fixed enchantments on books not showing up with the reading glasses or a helmet with reading enchantment
*Added support for new Mystcraft books and such on bookcases.

*New Feature: Fancy Signs will now retain their data (text, blocks / items, formatting) when broken and placed back down. A tooltip is added to the sign in the players inventory to indicate if custom data is saved to the sign item.
*Fixed a crash with SpongeForge
*Fixed a crash with JEI and the cliboard
*Fixed a crash with the clipboard when it was placed as a block and the player looked at it
*Fixed a NullPointer crash that happened to a number of different blocks
*Fixed a crash related to tileentities
*Fixed the disc rack recipe so it uses slabs from the forge ore dictionary
*Fixed a visual artifacts error that showed up in the log
*Fixed clipboard rotation when placed on a shelf or other BiblioCraft container
*Fixed a bug on the desk that prevented opening books such as the Thaumanomicon

*Fixed the printing press recipe
*Fixed the map frames recipes

v2.2.5 / v2.3.3 / v2.4.3
*Fixed a dupe with the fancy workbench
*Attempted to fix a couple of crashes with the furniture paneler and clipboard
*Fixed the scaling on BiblioCraft items

*Updated to Forge This should be ready for the recommended build of Forge for Minecraft 1.12.0
*Fixed the framing sheet recipe

*Readded enchanted atlas recipe,  though it is hard-coded right now, I do plan to make it json compatible in the future.
*Fixed a crash with the reading glasses

*Updated to Minecraft 1.12.0
*Works on Forge and newer (until the major registry changes occur in forge)
*Known Issues:
*enchanted atlas recipe is deactivated for the time being
*forge is rewriting the registry and this version of BiblioCraft will likely break when those changes go into an official release, just be aware

v2.3.2 / v2.2.4 / v2.1.4
*Fixed a rendering crash that seems to be happening quite frequently to some folks
*Tweaked Reading Enchantment level / rarity

v2.1.3 / v2.2.3 / v2.3.1 (Covers Minecraft version 1.9.4 through 1.11.2)
*Fixed the atlas crashing when crafted on a server
*Fixed the tables not connecting in 1.11.2 version
*Fixed the plumb line giving the wrong y coordinate
*Attempted to fix a rendering crash that keeps happening

v1.11.7 (For Minecraft 1.7.10)
*Fixed a crash when the server was loading, this came up in the last version when I fixed a dupe with the slotted book

*Updated to Minecraft v1.11.
*Clipboard now displays the text contents of the active page when holding in your hand (off hand as well)

v2.1.2 / v2.2.2
*Everything from the BiblioCraft v1.11.6 update
*Fixed the clipboard dropping a block in addition to the clipboard item when broken
*Fixed the tape measure post dropping when broken.
*Fixed the toolrack deleting items with a stack size greater than 1, stack size limit increased to 64
*Fixed sword pedestal recipes with dyes, previously would return the incorrect pedestal color
*Fixed clipboard block changing 2 pages at a time when trying to change places with the clipboard in the world
*Implemented IItemHandler to better support mods interacting with BiblioCraft inventories
*Fixed the typesetting table not correctly saving books
*Fixed several console errors
*Fixed marker pole position in GUI so it doesn’t overlap other objects in mods like JEI
*Fixed multiple rendering bugs causing the game to crash
*Fixed several rendering bugs relating to item and block rendering to fix some missing model rendering issues
*Fixed framed blocks keeping their custom textures / panels when broken
*Improved support for tinkers tools and weapons in BiblioCraft toolracks and such
*Improved support for Pams Harvestcraft on the Potion Shelves
*Fixed incorrect Fancy Sign text colors
*Fixed armor stand rendering
*Fixed armor stand not dropping correct block if top block is broken
*Fixed atlas not rendering player position
*Fixed a dupe with the atlas
*Fixed shelf middle part not loading when shelves are places on top of one another
*Added Atlas book border and waypoint pins to first person veiw so it again look like it did in Minecraft v1.7.10
*Fixed atlas updating properly when in off hand 
*Can now use space bar in additional the the middle mouse click to select a map in the atlas (only if auto-center is off)

*Run the version checker asynchronously in a separate thread so game loading wont hang if is down
*Fixed the recipe book “enablecrafting” option so it checks the config value on the server so book crafting can be disabled on the server
*Fixed bug that made it so waypoint 0 couldn’t be deleted on the atlas
*Fixed bug allowing exploiting the enchanted chase
*Fixed big book default text size not showing up on the first page
*Fixed a dupe bug with the fancy workbench
*Fixed a dupe with the slotted book
*Fixed a packet exploit with the slotted book

v2.1.1 / v2.2.1
*Fixed sounds on blocks such as the desk bell, the case, and the typewriter when running on a server.
*Made a massive improvement to item render speed by building a model cache system.
*Attempted to fix a rendering related crash
*Did some back end work to prep for update for Minecraft v1.11.x

*Updated for Minecraft v1.10.2

*Updated for Minecraft v1.9.4

*Fixed the custom paintings being inverted when rendered in the painting frames
*Fixed a crash sponge forge
*Fixed a random rendering crash that occurred in different situations including when changing worlds without shutting down the game.

*Armor stand is now a wooden block that comes in 7 base styles including a framed armor stand that can be used on the Furniture Paneler .
*Bookcase, Shelf, Potion Shelf, Tool Rack, and the Clock now have 3 offset positions that can shift blocks to the center or front of a block. Right click with a screw gun or a hand drill to shift the position.
*Reading glasses now support more blocks and display the text in the HUD instead of the world and now supports revealing more information about certain items on BiblioCraft blocks.
*Shelves and Potion Shelves can now easily be used from the front or back
*Desk Bell has been retextured.
*About 80% of the code for this mod was rewritten from the ground up to support the new rendering system and improve overall code behind the mod. This is the reason BiblioCraft is becoming version 2.0.0.
*All models are now OBJ models and the remaining Java based models were removed.

**Known Issues**
*Due to limitations in Minecraft 1.8,9, the Atlas no long renders overlays onto the map in the world, waypoints can only be seen when the map GUI is open now.
*The armor stand no longer renders the glint effect
*Some of the custom text colors don’t render correctly on the Fancy Sign

*Fixed a duplication bug with the fancy workbench.
*Fixed a warning in the loading log about a crafting recipe not being correctly registered.

*Fixed a Big Book bug that I accidently caused in the v1.11.3 release that caused text to duplicate when turning pages.

*Fixed support for Forestry v4.x with the Furniture Paneler so the correct texture is obtained and it does not crash.
*Fixed a bug with the Big Book the caused unsaved content in the book to reset if the game window is resized.
*Added a config option to set the maximum render distance for paintings. They were previously limited to only 64 blocks of render distance.

*Added a config option to disable recipe book crafting
*Added a config option to force books added to the typesetting table be either public or private. Private by default.
*Fixed a crash with the Stockroom Catalog when trying to add a block inventory that doesn’t have an inventory name.
*Fixed a crash with Framed Chests when certain items / blocks are placed inside the chest

*Fixed a crash with the framed chest and certain items such as the botania wand of the forest
*Added support for the Storage Catalog to the printing press
*Added support for the Quantum Storage Unit mod to the Stockroom Catalog
*Fixed a bug that forced graphics to fast mode when using a framed chest
*Fixed TFC support for BiblioWoods TFC

*New Block: Framed Chest – Works with the Furniture Paneler to get to color chests using any solid block. The Framed Chest also has a built in single item label that automatically shows the item with the highest quantity in the chest. Chests can be connected into double chests using the screw gun. Double chests will have 2 built in labels and the left side of the chest will select its label item from the top half of the chest inventory and the right side will select from the bottom half of the inventory.
*New Item: Stockroom Catalog – This allows you to list the contents of any number of chests with a single list. Sneak right-click a block with an inventory (a chest, bookcase, barrel, anything with an inventory) to add that inventory to the list of inventories for the catalog to keep track of. Sneak right-click the same block again to remove that block from the list. A small particle effect will render on that block when holding the Stockroom Catalog to let you know that block is being tracked. Right click to open the GUI and see the list. You can sort the list in ascending or descending order by quantity (Count) or alphabetical order. Click on the title to change it to anything so you can custom label your stockroom catalog. click on the small chest icons on the right hand side of each listing to open the inventory list view. This shows you everywhere inventory in your list that item can be found. You will notice 8 slots across the top. If you have any waypoint compasses in your inventory, they will show up in those slots. This allows you to click the compass, then click the + button next to an inventory and add that location to your waypoint compass. Click the close button on the bottom right or hit ESC to close the inventory list view. Hit the exit button on the bottom right or hit esc again to close the GUI.
*New Feature: Fancy workbenches connect to bookcases. Up to 2 bookcases, one on the left and/or one on the right will show their inventory in the fancy workbench.
*New Feature: Recipe books can now be used to craft items without a workbench if the player has the required ingredients in their inventory.
*Clipboard tweak: Can now navigate between lines using the arrow keys and can enter the next line by hitting enter.
*Added a locked message to blocks that have been locked with the lock and key when another player tries to use that block

*Fixed a crash introduced in v1.10.5 related to an ItemTossEvent.

*New Feature: Added a solid redstone / pulsed redstone toggle button to the clock.
The button will say “solid” or “pulse” and in solid mode it will emit redstone for the entire period the redstone is turned on in the clock. Each dot represents half and hour minecraft time. Pulse mode will only pulse the redstone for about a real time second, like it has done in the past.
*Added tooltips to the framed block items that display the name of the texture on them
*Fixed a packet hack exploit. Exploits/hacks like that should now be impossible.
*Fixed a couple dupe bugs with the slotted book and possibly the atlas
*Added “diary” to the default list of words for books
*Fixed a bug on the shelf where enchanted items would times color other items on the shelf

*Fixed an issue with duplicating items with Slotted Books
*Added a check and disabled version checking if curse client is running.
*Made some tweaks to creative mode bookcase item appearance so not as easy to confuse with normal bookcases
*Fixed the framed shelf rendering with texture sheets when texture sheets are enabled.
*Fixed an issue with painting frames where they sometimes wouldn’t reset data properly when changing paintings causing a crash.

*NEW FEATURE: The Potion Shelf, Tool Rack, Shelf and Clock can be shifted forward half a block with the screw gun / hand drill like the bookcase. Just right click on any one of these blocks with the screw gun or hand drill and it will shift forward. The tool rack and shelf will only shift forward if you right click the back of the block. This allows the blocks to still be able to hold the screw gun or hand drill.
*Added black dye ore dictionary support to the printing press. It should now be able to use any black dye from mods such as TerraFirmaCraft or anything else that adds new black dye items.
*Added support for BiblioWoods TerraFirmaCraft edition and added some general TFC related tweaks.
**BiblioWoods TerraFirmaCraft edition includes:
**Several new Lamp and Lantern metals including Brass, Bronze, Black Bronze, Bismuth Bronze, Black Steel, Red Steel and Blue Steel
**Anvil recipes for many BiblioCraft tools and blocks.
**If BiblioWoods TFC edition is installed, the Atlas only needs standard paper to make maps instead of (too expensive for TFC) blank maps.
**See this page for all the new TFC specific recipes. 

*Fixed a crash when loading resource packs in folder.

*Fixed a crash when using the new Furniture Paneler on a server
*Fixed a crash with blue power
*Fixed a bug when shift-clicking blocks into the furniture paneler

*New Block – Furniture Paneler. This block will allow you to apply the texture of any solid block to any one of the new framed BiblioCraft blocks. It functions much like a crafting table with a dedicated slot for the solid blocks and another dedicated slot for the framed BiblioCraft block. This block can be used with or without a GUI. Right click the correct square with a compatible item in hand to add that item to the table and sneak-right click an item to remove it. Sneak right-clicking the crafting result with craft that item.
*New Blocks – Framed Blocks. These blocks are used with the furniture paneler to get a custom textured version. Framed versions include the Bookcase, Shelf, Potion Shelf, Tool rack, Case, Label, Clock, Painting frames, Map frame, Desk, Table, Seat, and all 5 Seat backs. They are crafted using the standard recipes only the wooden slabs are replaced by framing boards and the wooden planks are replaced by framing sheets.
*New Item – Framing Saw – used to create framing sheets and boards. Combine with any wood plank in crafting grid.
*New Item – Framing Sheet – used in crafting framed blocks in place of wooden planks. Combine with Framing Saw to make Framing Boards.
*New Item – Framing Board – used in crafting framed blocks in place of wooden slabs.
*New Item Plumb Line – Measures the depth 1 block in front of the block. Right click to measure depth through empty space and liquids. Depth message will also include the y coordinate of the bottom block.
*New Feature – Clipboards can be placed on walls now. Sneak right click on a wall with the clipboard in hand to place on a wall. Right click the squares and next/prev page buttons to interact and change pages while the clipboard is on the wall. Sneak right click to pick the clipboard back up.
*New feature – Attachable desks. Use the screw gun or hand drill and sneak-right click a desk, than sneak right click a desk to the left or right of that desk to connect them and get a new style desk. Can be an unlimited number of desks wide. This only works with the new framed desks.
*New Feature – Borderless painting frames now have a button in the GUI to “hide frame” which will make the painting frame invisible and let the player walk through the bounding box.
*New Feature – Per-block fast rendering can be enabled in the config. By default the potion shelf, label, and fancy sign have forced fast rendering enabled by default. This should make the potion shelf much more usable without having to enable fast rendering for the whole game.
*Fixed a crash when connecting hoppers to map frames
*Fixed sword pedestals not accepting swords from hoppers
*Fixed the tape measure not removing the pole at coordinates zero.
*Fixed a duplication bug with the Dinner plates involving items with the same ID but different metadata.
*Fixed a bug not allowing custom painting resource packs to be read from folders. Now your custom resource pack with custom paintings does not have to be in a .zip file.

*Added creative mode only bookcases that are randomly filled with random books (books such as those generated by the typewriter)
*Fixed a potential dupe bug with the armor stand where it was possible to push the top block of the armor stand with a piston
*Fixed a potential dupe bug when the atlas when it is on your hotbar
*Bookcases now accept the new Thaumcraft tome of Crimson Rites by default
*Added fast graphics support for the backside of the regular shelves
*Fixed carpet from rotating under a seat when the seat back is rotated
*Added a config option to change the default scale of text in the big book
*Fixed a bug that let potion shelves be placed on potion shelves
*Fixed the drafting compass position on tool racks so it no longer disappears on some tool racks

*Fixed a major bug with the tool rack that came up with BiblioCraft v1.9.0 and could cause a tool to disappear when trying to remove it with another tool.
*Fixed a bug that caused custom painting resource packs to fail to load if there was only 1 image.
*Fixed a bug that allowed wood planks to be placed on bookcases.

*New Item: The Atlas. This is a book that holds and handles Minecraft maps. The atlas can display maps, create new maps, automatically select the map that shows your location on a chosen zoom level. Right click to open the menu. The inital default menu will be the inventory menu, here is where you can place blank maps, way point compasses, books, clipboards, and other bibliocraft items. Only empty maps and filled maps may be placed in the right side 42 slots, the other 6 are the general purpose slots. Hold down Ctrl and hover over buttons in the atlas to see tool tips. On the bottom right side of the atlas is a button that will take you to the other gui that shows the map where you can edit and use waypoints and waypoint compasses. The atlas will detect up to 6 compasses in the general purpose inventory and display buttons in the map view for each compass. Clicking on a compass button will select that compass and show you on the map where waypoint compass is currently set. You can then click on a new waypoint to set that point to the selected waypoint compass or hold Ctrl and click anywhere on the map to set the compass to that point. The last compass you have selected in the map view will also show up on your hotbar, overlaying the atlas icon. The atlas can also interact with BiblioCraft Map Frames. If the atlas has extra blank maps in it, sneak-right clicking an empty Map Frame will make a copy of the selected map in the atlas and place the map and any waypoints in the atlas on the map frame. If you sneak right-click a map frame that contains a map, the atlas will attempt to find a matching map and display that map, if no map is found than if there is an empty map in the atlas, the atlas will make a copy of the map in the map frame and place it in the atlas along with any waypoint. If the atlas contains a copy of a map in a map frame and you sneak right-click the map, a menu will open and let you copy and update the set of waypoints either on the map frame or in the atlas. Additionally, the Atlas may be copied with the typesetting table and the printing press and it will copy all of the filled maps and waypoints as well. The process for copying the Atlas is exactly the same as an enchanted book, only the origanal Atlas does not get destroyed and the Atlas Plate for the printing press will only make 1 copy.
*New Item: The Eternal Compass. This is an exclusive enchantment upgrade for the atlas. With this upgrade on the atlas, when you die, you will spawn with an Eternal Compass that will lead you back to your point of death. It functions just like a waypoint compass, only it looks slightly different and has no GUI or option to change the waypoint. This upgrade must be crafted with your current atlas and the atlas will preserve all its maps and data.
*New Major Feature: Custom Paintings. The painting frames and painting press now supports custom paintings. They can be installed in two different ways. First, there is now a folder inside the BiblioCraft jar file, under the assets that is called “custompaintings”, any png images dropped in that folder will be detected. Second way is you can add them via a custom resource pack. Inside the BiblioCraft jar is .zip file that is an example resource pack that shows what needs to be done to make it work, which is just the very basics needed for any Minecraft resource pack and the correct folder structure. Custom paintings must be placed in the “assets/bibliocraft/textures/custompaintings/” folder in the resource pack. As long as the images are .png format and the resource pack is loaded in minecraft, the painting press will load them. There is now a 3rd tab on the painting press for custom paintings. If over 32 custom images are installed (in any number of resource packs, all those currently loaded are scanned) then there will be a next page button. There is no limit to the number of pages of custom images you can have. Custom paintings are also only client side, and you can in fact use unique client only images while playing on a server. The only data passed to the server is the name of the image being used and if a client has a matching image name, that image will be rendered.
*3 New Paintings included for your decorating pleasure. Thanks to ShabbyQ for the paintings.
*New Creative Item: The Name Tester. This item is creative mode only and it is basically a book with a single slot, much like the slotted book, but when you place an item or block inside it, it will give you the unlocalized name of that item. This is important for adding additional items to the BiblioCraft config for additional support to blocks like the bookcase or potionshelf. Sometimes for an item to work, you must enter the unlocalized name into the config instead of the display name, which doesn’t always work.
*Waypoint Compass GUI now has a “Current Loc” button that will set your current location to the compass.
*Cookie jars will now render Mana Cookies from Botania with the mana cookie texture.
*Fixed some bugs with the ghost item rendering in fancy workbenches.
*Fixed a GUI rendering issues with Botania that caused GUI’s to render blue.
*Fixed a crash with the mod Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 when trying to place a weapon or tool on a tool rack or shelf when in two handed mode.
*Fixed Tinkers Construct tools and weapons on weapon racks, they should all work on the racks again.

*Fixed the typewriter recipes. Typewriter colors and stained clay colors were mismatched.
*Added ore dictionary support for sticks in all the recipes. Any type of stick added to the ore dictionary should work now. The BiblioWoods will have to be updated at a later time to have this support.
*Added “elixir” as a default keyword for the potion shelves.

*Fixed a bug with the clock recipe that caused it to disappear or the game to crash and generally do bad things.

*New Block: Clock. Added a clock block that comes in all 6 wood types and can attached together to make a 2 block tall “grandfather clock”. Clock displays real Minecraft time on clock face and pendulum ticks in real world seconds. Has GUI that allows redstone output and / or chime sounds at selected times. Sneak right-click with an empty hand to open the GUI. Sneak right-click with the Screwgun or Hand Drill on each of the 2 clocks you wish to connect to make a grandfather clock.
*New Block: Typewriter. The typewriter will create randomized procedurally generated books. To use, place at least 8 paper onto the typewriter by right clicking the typewriter with paper in your hand. (Sneak click to remove paper). Right click the front of the block to type. After a certain amount of typing, a book is created; right click again to remove the book. If the typewriter is sitting on a BiblioCraft desk, the book will automatically get transferred to one of the 2 back slots on the desk. The typewriter can be automated using passive or aggressive mobs. To do so, the mob must have a name (from a Name Tag) be directly in front of the typewriter (Use a seat as an easy way to keep a mob in front of a typewriter). Also supports reading glasses and displays the number of pieces of paper in the typewriter, or, if a book is currently finished, the name of the book.
Special note on typewriter stories: Unique versions stories are written when used with different mobs. Villagers write the most coherent stories, other mobs write less and less coherently. Other mobs include: pigs, chickens, cows (also mooshroom), sheep, wolves, ocelot, creeper, zombie, and enderman. The current implementation of procedural stories is a first pass and will likely evolve quite a bit over time.
*New Block: Painting Frames. Painting frames are a way to display both vanilla paintings and paintings included with BiblioCraft (Thanks to ShabbyQ for 5 hand painted works I captured and scaled down for Minecraft). Paintings can be scaled, rotated and in some cases the aspect ratio can be adjusted as well as the texture resolution. There are 5 different styles and each supports all 6 types of woods. 4 styles have different style frame borders and the 5th style is borderless. The bordered styles will not auto connect to frames around them and can be connected with the screw gun / hand drill if a connection is desired. The borderless style automatically connects to bordering frames. Painting Canvases can be added to either right clicking a painting frame block with a painting canvas in hand or opening the GUI. Right click the frame to open the GUI. Sneak right-click with an empty hand to remove a painting canvas without opening the GUI. Frames are meant to be used alongside the Painting Press block and Painting Canvas item.
*New Block: Painting Press. Accepts a painting canvas and saves a painting to the canvas for use in the painting frames. To add a canvas, you can either right click the block with the canvas and it will be automatically added, or open the GUI. Sneak right-clicking with an empty hand with remove the canvas without opening the GUI. Right click the block anywhere except the top/front of the lid to open the GUI. Use the tabs to choose between BiblioCraft paintings and vanilla paintings and click a painting to select it. You can apply the painting by clicking the button in the GUI or by right clicking the top/front of the lid. Once a painting is selected, the Painting Press can effectively be operated without the GUI. A painting canvas can always be over written with a different painting.
*New Item: Painting canvas. Works with the painting press to store a painting that can be used on the painting frames.
*Upgraded Desk: Now supports carpets like tables and seats and also has proper hopper support. To add carpet, right click one of the four sides of the block with carpet in your hand. To remove carpet, sneak right-click one of the four sides of the block with an empty hand.
*Upgraded Seats: Mobs can now sit on the seat. Any passive or aggressive mob will automatically sit on the seat if the mob has been named (with a Name Tag) and the mob is within 2 blocks of the seat. To dismount a mob from the seat, sneak right-click the seat, then the seat will wait 5 seconds before a mob can sit on it again.
*Upgraded Screwgun / Hand Drill notification text. Text no longer appears in your chat box and instead will show up closer to the middle of the screen and fade away after a couple seconds. No more needless chat spam.
*Added Sword Pedestal support to the reading glasses so the name of the sword is now displayed.
*Fixed a potential world breaking crash when placing a hopper on top of a printing press (opps!).
*Added proper block rotation support for Archimedes Ship mod. Now all BiblioCraft blocks should properly rotate and hold their position when used / rotated on boats.
*Added ability to rotate sword pedestal, fancy workbench, and fancy sign with the screw gun / hand drill when sneak-clicking. This technique should work for most BiblioCraft blocks, exceptions are those that have other functions with the screw gun on sneak clicking such as the seats, clocks, and painting frames.

*Now there are versions compiled for both Minecraft version 1.7.2 and 1.7.10.
*Fixed a bug with the potion shelf and the reading glasses not showing text properly.

*Added further support for texture packs and easier support for BiblioWoods addons by adding .obj models for the Bookcase, Potion Shelf, Shelf, Tool rack, Display case, and Label. These are enabled by default and may cause some of the blocks to look slightly different. They can be reverted to the old texture maps by setting “useTextureMaps” to true in the config file.
*Fixed a crash when scaling text down in the big book.
*Fixed an issue with fast graphics and gregtech swords double rendering in the sword pedestal and facing the player in the tool racks.
*Fixed the reading enchantment ID. I had accidently connected the ID to the “enchantmentCostMultipler” (opps!). This also means the enchantmentCostMultipler can be changed to above 15 without crashing.
*Fixed console spamming “1” during world generation / loading.

*Officially updated for Minecraft 1.7.10
*Fixed signs not shifting forward with the screw gun after the 1.7.1 update (opps)
*Added default support for Blood magic flasks, agents, and daggers on potion shelves and weapon racks.
*Added default support for Gregtech tools and swords on weapon racks and sword pedestals.

*New Feature: added ability to add carpets under seats. Right click with a piece of carpet on any of the 4 sides of the seat to add carpet. To add a seat carpet, you now much right click the top of the seat. Right click the any of the 4 sides with the screw gun to remove. To remove the seat carpet, now you must also right click the top of the seat with the screwgun.
*Updated Translations
*Tweaked Fancy Sign tooltip graphics to better accommodate different languages.
*Iron Fancy Lamp recipe has changed and made slightly more expensive as well as a second recipe was added that uses iron nuggets from the forge ore dictionary if a mod installed has such.
*Added lock support for the Sword Pedestal, the Fancy Workbench, and the Fancy Sign.
*Added a recipe for the lock and key that is disabled by default but can be enabled in the config file.

*New Block: Fancy Workbench, an upgraded crafting bench with the ability to create recipe books and has a storage space for 8 books on the front as well as a 9th slot for a active recipe book. Comes in all 6 woods. Place items in the crafting grid and a vanilla blank book into the active recipe book slot and click the arrow to create a new recipe book. With the recipe book in the active recipe slot a ghost image of the recipe will appear in the grid. Another arrow will appear above the book, click that to automatically load matching ingredients from your player’s inventory.
*New Item: Recipe Book, created with the Fancy Workbench, a Recipe Book will remember a recipe and assist in showing the ingredients and the pattern. Right click to open the GUI to see the recipe inside the book as well as a list of ingredients. The player can also write a short page description of the recipe and save the book. An unsigned book can be overwritten in the Fancy Workbench, but a signed recipe book cannot. Signed recipe books can also be copied using the printing press.
*New Block: Fancy Sign, This sign comes in all 6 wood colors and can be placed on the floor, wall, or ceiling. A screw gun or hand drill can be used to shift the sign from the back of the block to the center or to the front of the block. To open the GUI, sneak-right click with an empty hand. In the gui you can place up to 2 items/blocks which can be zoomed, positioned, and rotated anywhere on the sign. You can have up to 15 lines of small scale text, or scale the text up for larger text with fewer lines. There is also a button for adding the formatting symbol from Minecraft to make text formatting on the sign easy. There are several tooltips within the GUI that will help explain how everything works.
*New Block: Sword Pedestal, By popular request, This sword pedestal accepts most any sword, including modded ones, and emits a redstone signal when a sword is present. Can be created with any color wool or can be dyed after creation to any of the 16 Minecraft colors.
*New Block: Desk Bell, a simple desk bell that “dings” when right clicked. Will also accept a redstone signal and will “ding” upon receiving such.
*New Item: Big Book, Tons of editing options including buttons for all the available formatting options Minecraft offers as well as up to 8 “chapter” tabs that will each bookmark a selected page. Per line saleable text. Up to 44 lines of text per page on the smallest text scale. A “first page” and a “last page” button. Up to a total of 256 pages. Full printing press support for signed big books, though due to complexity big books are saved as raw NBT data and as such are not editable outside of Minecraft.
*New Item: Slotted Book, A simple one page book with a slot that will accept item stack. Player can type in a custom title and short description in the book. The title will change the name of the book so it looks just like any vanilla signed book. A great way to hide your secret items amongst your books!
*New Item: Hand Drill, A low tech version of the screw gun. All the same features and functions as a screw gun, but with a different look and new sounds.
*New Mechanic: Bookcases can be adjusted to sit on either the front or back of a block by right clicking with the screw gun or the hand drill on a bookcase.
*Expanded Print Press support: Supports the new Recipe Books and Big Books. For each of these, 2 separate files will be saved to the books folder in your config folder (SSP) or in your world folder (SMP). A basic file with a couple of lines of basic information for the typesetting table to read and a .dat file that contains the actual NBT compound tags from the books. These pairs of files can be passed around and shared freely allowing Big Books and Recipe Books to be copied to any world. This opens the possibility of stuff like sharing recipe collections or guidebooks for certain mods.
*Added a recipe for the reading enchantment. Simple place any enchanted book plus the reading glasses (or tinted glasses or monocle) into the crafting grid to make an enchanted book of reading that can be applied to a helmet of your choice.
*Fixed the Reading enchant, turned out to be broken after the Minecraft 1.7.2 update so it didn’t work in BiblioCraft v1.6.x branch.
*Fixed hoppers pulling stuff from labels. Labels should now be immune to hoppers.

*Added a gui to the redstone book that now allows you to rename the book without using the anvil and also includes a description of how to use it.
*Tweaked the clipboard so you can hold down keyboard keys now, such as backspace, without having to tap the button for each letter.
*Fixed the printing press recipe, in version 1.6.0-1.6.2 the printing press was set to a gold pressure plate instead of an iron pressure plate, this is fixed now.

*Added enchantment particles to bookcases if a enchantment table is near and the bookcase has books.
*Added waypoint text to map frames that is shown on the map when looking at the waypoint while wearing the reading glasses.
*Fixed armor stand dropping, not breaking correctly and dropping an armor stand for breaking each the top or the bottom of the stand.
*Fixed drafting compass crash when trying to edit a waypoint in a map frame.
*Attempted to fix an issue when using LiteLoader and BiblioCraft renderers were loaded too early.
*Added support for rotateBlock and getValidRotations methods on all the blocks. This should allow any mods out there that need to rotate BiblioCraft blocks a native way to do it. Blocks rotate around axis. DOWN rotates right, UP rotates left.

*Fixed a crash on game load on computers using 32bit java
*Fixed the seat recipe, accidently made it use planks in v1.6.0, should use a pressure plate as the website here suggests.

*Supports Minecraft v1.7.2, No more block ID’s!
*Added new woods: All wood blocks have been updated to support the 2 new vanilla woods for full support for all 6 woods.
*Added more lights: Lamps and Lanterns come in an iron variety now.
*Upgraded Display cases now accept a minecraft carpet to color the inside of the case to any of the 16 colors. Only works when the case is open and must use the screw gun to remove the carpet like the table and seats.
*Upgraded Typesetting table GUI has been re-imagined and now supports deleting books and making books private or public. Only the author or someone in creative mode can see private books, change their visibility, or delete books.
*Lamps and Lanterns can now be colored after being placed in the world by right clicking with a dye on them.
*Lamps and Lanterns have been moved to their own creative tab to reduce clutter.
*Lantern glass is now colorable (very subtle effect) by right clicking a lantern placed in the world with a colored glass pane.
*Config option addition: Can now disable light emission from BiblioCraft blocks in the config file
*Config option addition: Can now disable any block or item in BiblioCraft in the config file

*Added a few localizations to blocks and items that were overlooked such as the typesetting table with the reading glasses.
*Tweaked block rotations on Tables. They had been rotated incorrectly since the last update.
*Fixed book lists in typesetting tables showing incorrectly if the book authors had an underscore in their name.
*Crash fixed with twilight forest maps on the Tables, Shelves, Display cases, and Labels.

*Added Feature to Armor Stand: Pumpkins can now be placed on armor stands in the head position.
*Improved head support on Armor Stands: Now pretty much any custom head should work on the armor stand, including modded heads and unique player heads.
*3D armors on the armor stand should no longer cause crashes. I found a fix to hopefully permanently fix the common null pointer crash that would happen with certain 3D armors.
*Version checking captive portal issue should be fixed. This caused some config file related crashes when the version checker couldn’t connect to my website and would get an error page in return which messed up the config file. Please post on the forum or respond to a post on my front page if this is still an issue, I don’t have the conditions to test so I can only work from theory.
*Huge Fast Graphics fix across all Bibliocraft blocks. Fast graphics should finally work properly and items should not follow the player and rotate the wrong directions.
*Enchantment cost has been adjusted. There is now a sliding scale for multiple enchantments. For single enchants, the cost is the same. But for example, a book with 4 top level enchantments only costs 76 levels to copy vs previously that would have cost 160 levels.
*Enchantment cost can now be adjusted in the config file. There is a multiplier value in the config which by default is set to 10 and that gives the default rate. This allows the multiplier to be set as low as 1 to reduce the cost to 1/10th the default cost. Any whole number integer can be entered. Even 0 can be entered and it will be free to copy books on the typesetting table.
*Thaumcraft compatibility fix: Essence jars with labels now face the correct direction on the different shelves and the cases.
*Witchery compatibility added: A whole bunch of items have been added to the appropriate blocks in BiblioCraft.

*Fixed another crash with the armor stand and some of the 3D armors such as the harness from Thaumcraft and the newer 3D armor in Twilight Forest.
*Fixed the zombie head on the armor stand.
*Fixed a rotation bug with the Dinner Plate that caused it to be placed facing the opposite direction (noticeable with certain foods).

*Fixed a crash related to the armor stand, FakePlayer and forge builds ~v940 and later.

*Upgraded Table to now allow carpets to be placed under them. To place a carpet under the table, right click with the carpet of your choice on one of the 4 sides (North, South, East, or West) of the table. To remove the carpet, sneak right click anywhere on the table with a screw gun.
*Fixed a crash with seats updating nearby blocks such as trap doors.

*Added Disc Racks. Up to 9 discs can be placed in the disc rack. They work just click bookcases. Right click with a disc to add to that slot, if you hand does not have a disc or the disc rack is full, a GUI interface will open. Sneak-click a disc with an empty hand to remove that disc. There is also a config line to add new items to the disc rack (just like the bookcase) if there is something in a mod that doesn’t work and you would like it to.
*Added Dinner Plates. Up to 3 stacks of food may be placed on a dinner plate. If the player has food in his hand when right clicking, the Dinner Plate will automatically accept the food and place it on the plate. If the plate is empty and the player clicks without food in hand, the GUI will open, otherwise, the player must shift-click with an empty hand to open the GUI. The dinner plate can be ate from by right clicking the plate 4 times. The first 3 clicks are the “chewing” of the food, following by the eating on the 4th. The player will consume up to 3 pieces of food (one from each slot) if the player is hungry enough. Food will cease to be consumed when the player is no longer hungry.
*Added Seats. The basic seat comes in all 4 wood varieties. There are 5 types of seat back items that can be crafted and placed on the seat to give the seat a back. Each of the 5 back types can be crafted out of any of the 4 wood varieties and mixed and matched with the seats. Using a different back wood color than the seat will cause the legs to change color to match the back. The seats can also be “upholstered” using vanilla carpets. Simply right click with any of the 16 vanilla carpets to apply that color to the seat. To remove the carpet, right click the seat with the screw gun. To remove the seat back, right click the seat with the screw gun again, with the carpet removed. The seats can also be connected together if 2 or more seats are placed next to each other and the top (the cloth seat) of each seat is sneak-clicked with the screw gun. The same process on the same seats will disconnect the seats if they are connected.
*Added Map Frames. These can be crafted out of any of the 4 vanilla woods and can be placed on floors, walls, and ceilings. They will display a vanilla map scaled to fit a full block so multiple map frames may be placed next to each other for seamless large maps. Maps can be rotated by sneak-clicking with an empty hand. Maps can be removed by right clicking with a screw gun. Map frames can also have waypoint pins placed on vanilla maps to mark way points using the Drafting Compass. See the Drafting Compass for more detail. A waypoint pin can be right clicked by the player on the map and the waypoint name and world coordinates will be displayed as a chat message. Those waypoint pins can than be selected with the Waypoint Compass to lead the player to that location in the world. See Waypoint Compass for more detail. Note: Clicking a waypoint requires the player to click very close to where the waypoint pin is inserted into the map.
*Added Drafting Compass. This is a companion tool for Map Frames. Right click a map inside a map frame to add a waypoint pin to the map. A GUI will pop up and you can name the Waypoint and select the pin color. Right click the colored square to alternate between 16 colors. To edit or remove a waypoint from the map, right click the waypoint on the map with the Drafting Compass and the GUI will pop up with options to edit the waypoint name, color, or use the option to “remove” the waypoint.
*Huge Screw Gun upgrade. The screw gun can now rotate and manipulate every block in BiblioCraft except the cookie jar. Most blocks, sneak right-clicking will rotate the block. With some cases, such as the lamps, lanterns, and cases, the “style” will change when just right clicking with the screw gun. The lamps and lanterns will change from floor, to wall, to ceiling styles and back again. The cases will change from floor to wall styles. The screw gun can also rotate many of vanillas block by sneak right-clicking. The piston, sticky piston, dispensers, droppers, repeaters, comparators, levers (floor/ceiling only), doors, single chests, ender chests, furnaces and finally anvils can all be rotated in this manner.
*Upgraded: Maps now display if placed on tables or desks.
*Config Option: Added
a config option to change the update rate of maps on desks, tables, and in map frames. This is a server side config option which can speed up maps loading (useful for singleplayer and lan) or slow them down if the server is large and maps become plentiful.
*Upgraded Desk: Craftguide (from Craftguide mod) and the Railcraft Routing table can now be placed on desks and opened and used from the desk.
*Upgraded: Printing Press now implements ISidedInventory so completed books can be extracted from the bottom of the printing press (automatically with the vanilla hoppers) and any compatible supplies for the press can be inserted into any of the 4 sides.
*Fixed: Thaumcraft 4 robes now display correctly on armor stands.
*Fixed: Leather Armor now displays the second layer of detail on armor stands.
*Fixed: Lock and key now correctly reads the players name when used on a server. Previously, there was issues with locked blocks denying access after reconnecting to a server where that player has locked blocks.
*Tweaked: Marker poles from the tape measure now have a small bounding box in the center of the pole so they can be destroyed by hand. They also have been removed from the creative menu.
*Added: Version checking. Now I can pester you with a one time message when I release an update. This message will only display one time for each update I release and this one time message can be completely disabled in the config file.


*Added support for more BiblioWoods. This version support BiblioWoods for Forestry, Biomes O’ Plenty, Natura, ExtraBiomesXL and Highlands. Woods galore!
*Added lots of languages! All the BiblioWoods addons now include German and Italian translations, some include a few others. BiblioCraft includes 21 different language translations. Please see my github if you would like a full list.
*Added option in the config to change the number of uses an enchanted plate has.
*Added default support for chisels in the tool racks. This is tested to work with carpenters blocks but I expect it to work with other chisels in other mods as well.
*Fixed a crash (hopefully) on loading blocks that check for an unloaded tileentity when loading bounding boxes. Several folks seem to experience crashes on world loading and I think this should fix it. Either comment on the main news post or on the forum if anyone still has issues with that.
*Fixed a crash with putting heads on the armor stand while in another language


*New Block: Cookie Jar. Emits a redstone signal when opened. Catch someone with their hand in the cookie jar! Currently accepts any item and for each slot filled, up to 8, there will appear a cookie in the jar.
*New Item: Clipboard. This is a checklist with up to 50 pages, much like the written book. But there are 9 tasks and 1 title per page. The player clicks on the desired line or title line to write in that task. Then there is a square next to each task. Clicking one time will draw a green checkmark. Clicking a second time changes it to a red X mark. Clicking a third time clear the box again. The Clipboard works on the desk and can be opened and edited. The Clipboard also remembers what page you were last on both when your holding and when its on the desk, even when it is transferred back and forth. Also, the title of the page that was last read will appear in the tooltip when hovering the mouse over the item in your inventory.
*New Table Mechanic: Table Cloths! Simply use the vanilla carpets adding in 1.6 and right click the top of a table. The carpet will be applied as a table cloth and drape over the edges. To remove the table cloth, right click the top of the table with the screw gun.
*New Item: Screw gun. Currently only used to removed table cloths from tables by right clicking the top of the table and to adjust items on tables by right clicking the sides of the table. I have some plans to make more uses out of this. This will kind of be a general tool for manipulating various elements in BiblioCraft.
*New Item: Lock and Key. This is a creative mode only item for the time being, primarily intended for adventure map makers. When right clicked on a BiblioCraft block (not all work with it, but most do) you will get a message that says the block is locked. When the block is locked, it can only be accessed by the user who locked the block and cannot be destroyed in survival mode. The block can be unlocked by right clicking again only if you are the owner. If another user tries to unlock the block with a lock and key it will inform the player they are not the owner.
*Upgraded Tape Measure: Now places a “marker pole” block when starting a measurement and also reads a real time display of the distance to that block in meters. The block is removed upon completing a measurement. The block is non-craftable and has no hit box so it cannot be destroyed by hand. If for some reason a block is not removed then simply starting a new measurment on the same block and completing the measurment will remove the block.
*Custom language support using the new systems in Minecraft 1.6. Simply locate the en_US.lang file inside the BiblioCraft zip file at /assets/bibliocraft/lang/en_US.lang, copy and rename to your appropriate language and edit inside a text editor. If you share your .lang files on the forum here I will review and include them in the next release.
*Fixed tables and desks not being a solid surface so that now flower pots and other items can be placed on top by sneak-clicking.
*Fixed an armor stand crash when using the number keys.
*Added emergency render crash recovery config option: There is now an option in the BiblioCraft.cfg to disable all rendering of blocks. This is a client side only temporary measure to allow the player to load a world that will not load due to some odd item or armor that was placed on a BiblioCraft block and causing the game to crash due to a rendering error and the world to not load. This allows the player to remove the problem item from the stand or shelf and then re-enable rendering in the config to return to normal. If this happens to you, Please report any such errors and include the error log so I can try to fix for a future release.

V1.3.4 –
* Full update to 1.6.2. Straight port with many internal changes to accommodate changes in 1.6.x.

V1.3.3 – 
*Made a bunch of changes to accommodate having wood addons. Wood addons require at least v1.3.3 to function.
*Redstone now propagates through the block behind the bookcase and display case. Also both blocks no longer emit a redstone signal from the front side.
*Changed placement methods for lamps and lanterns. Now uses the face of the block the player clicks to determine if its a table/floor style, wall style, or ceiling style.

V1.3.1 –
*New Block: Golden Lantern – Craft the lantern and you will receive one with a white candle. Add any of the other 15 colors of dye to change the color of the candle. Add dye again to re-dye the candle to any of the 16 colors.
*New Block: Fancy Lamp – Craft the lamp and it will have a white lamp hood. Just like the lantern, add oany of the other 15 colors of dye to change the color of the lamp hook. Add dye again to re-dye the hood to any of the 16 colors.
*New Block: Tables – Items can be placed on the table by right clicking the top of the table with an item. Shift clicking with an empty hand will open a 1 slot GUI. If you use a tool such as the Tape Measure or a wrench/crowbar from another mod and click on either one of the 4 sides of the table to rotate the item on the table. Can be rotated around 2 different axis depending on which side of the table you right click with the tape measure or other tool. Tables can also be placed next to each other and the legs will dynamically change to try to fit the shape of the table.
* New Item/Game Mechanic: Enchanted Plates. Now the player can take an enchanted book and place it on the bottom left slot of the typesetting table. If the player is wearing the reading glasses or other eyeware, the number of levels required to make an enchanted plate will be displayed. Sneak clicking the enchanted book with an empty hand with create an enchanted plate, provided the player has enough XP levels and a chase on the typesetting table. The plate can then be placed into the printing press and printed like a standard book with ink and blank books. The enchanted plate only has 3 uses before it breaks.
* New Feature: Tables, Shelves, and display cases now emit the light level of whatever items they are holding.
* New Feature: Bookcases can emit a redstone signal of any strengh 0-15 depending on where the redstone book is placed on the shelf. Top left slot is 0, bottom right is 15. Could use this with comparators to create complex locks. 3 book cases alone would give a total of 4096 possible combinations.
* New Feature : Bookcases work with enchanting tables now. The number of books on the bookcases are counted and every 8 books is the equivalent of 1 vanilla bookshelf. So a full bookcases is equal to 2 vanilla bookshelves. The books do not have to be on the same shelf or even in the same bookcase for that matter, every book is counted.
* Added Support: Thaumcraft Thaumostatic Harness 3D models now render on the armor stand. Requires Thaumcraft v3.0.5c+
* Added Support: The Thaumanomacron can now be opened from the wooden desk.
* Improved mod support. Now potion shelves support ars magica potions and the armor stands support Millenaire mod. Weapon racks have default support for the cresent hammer from thermal expansion, the sledge hammer from minefactory reloaded and the carpenters hammer from carpenters slopes.
* Fixed a couple crashes with reading glasses and various things.

V1.2.3 – 
* New Feature – Applying a redstone signal to either the top or bottom block of the armor stand and then sneak-clicking the stand with an empty hand will swap the entire set of armor instead of just the piece you are looking at.
* Fixed support for Tinkers Contruct tools on weapon racks, now all Tinkers tools should work.
* Fixed a crash with the Hover Harness from Thaumcraft on the armor stand.
* Fixed items not rendering in the players hand after forge version 687.
* Fixed the name of the tape measure being incorrect.

V1.2.1 – 
* Added support for Modular Powersuits on the armor stands.
* Added support for Tinkers Construct books on the bookcases.
* Fixed a bug on the display case that could cause an item to get stuck in the block above it and warp through the celing when removing an item.
Added rendered text color code to config for the reading glasses. Players can now edit the config and change the color of the text to anything they choose.

V1.2.0 –
* NEW BLOCK: The Printing Press – Players can print signed books from saved written signed books! Simple create a plate with the desired book on the typesetting table, add ink to the ink plate, lay down some blank books, and set the plate in the middle and the press will print a book.
* NEW BLOCK: The Typesetting Table  – This is where the play can save and retrieve signed books. Once a book is signed, it can be placed in the bottom left corner of the table. The player will see a red book. The player must hold sneak and right click with an empty hand on the book to save it. The book will turn blue. If Bibliocraft is being played in an SSP world, Bibliocraft will create a folder inside the players config folder named “books”. This is where all the books are saved and can be passed around and shared with friends.  In SSP this also means that any saved books are accessible within all SSP worlds. One a dedicated SMP server, however, the “books” folder will be created inside of the loaded world folder and will only be accessible in that world unless copied manually from one world to another outside of Minecraft. Simply right click on the top of the block in the area between the 3 large squares to open the saved book menu. Click to select a book. Create a chase and place it in the top middle square. Now to create a plate, the player must give the typesetting table a redstone pulse. A button on the front is a great solution. When the table receives a redstone pulse, if the table contains an empty chase, a plate will be created.  To remove the type from a plate and retrieve the empty chase, simply place the plate in the left hand slot then hold sneak and right click the plate and it will be added to the empty chase slot.
* NEW ITEM: The Chase – This is the empty chase that is used on a typesetting table to make a plate
* NEW ITEM: Printing Press Plate – This can only be created on a typesetting table and must be placed on a printing press to print a copy of the book it contains.
* NEW ITEM: Redstone Book – This is a book that is crafted but looks like a signed book. (Also I would like to remind everyone that the book can be renamed on the Anvil). When this special book is place on a bookcase, the bookcase emits a redstone signal.
* NEW ARMOR ITEM(S): Reading Glasses and other eyewear. When worn on the head, the reading glasses, tinted glasses, or monocle allow the player to read pop up text displays of items displayed on the different blocks in BiblioCraft. Every block in BiblioCraft has text information read out. The player can view the names of books on a bookcase without opening the GUI, as well as see what is on a regular shelf and of what quantity. The player can also see what armor is on an armor stand and what enchantments are on that armor. The display case also has enchantment support for armor and weapons. Labels become combination item frame / signs displaying the name of the item in them. The typesetting table displays the name of the selected book as well as the quantity of blank chases left. The printing press displays the book name of the plate inserted into the press as well as the quantity of ink and quantity of blank books left.  The writing desk displays the name of the open book. The potion shelf shows the name of the potion the player is looking at.
* NEW ENCHANTMENT: Reading I – This is a rare enchantment that can only be created by enchanting a book. This enchantment then goes on a helmet of choice and grants the player the ability to read text just like the reading glasses, tinted glasses, or monocle.
*Tweaked Writing Desk – Players can now read and write vanilla Minecraft books on the table.  Also the   last page that was open is saved.  This works across a sever too so one player can open a book to a certain page and another player can view the book already open to that page. The player must be looking at the open book to open the interface. Shift-clicking still removes the book, but the player can look at either stack or the open book to remove the book of their choice.
*Tweaked Armor Stand – Now any piece of armor can be added / removed / swapped from the players armor inventory to and from the stand by sneak-clicking the stand with an empty hand on the slot of choice. No GUI required, though the GUI is still there. All previous mechanics still exist, this is in addition to the way it worked before.
*Tweaked Bookcase – Now the player can add and remove books from any slot on the bookcase by looking at that slot. The books are also rendered in whatever slot they are placed in. This makes the combination of the reading glasses and redstone book much fun. However, upon upgrading from a previous version, all current bookcases will appear empty, this is only visual, no books will be lost. The player must only change the inventory of the bookcase to restore rendering of the books. Simply open the GUI, pick up a book and place it back and the books will then show up on the shelf again.
*Tweaked Potion Shelf – The player can now remove and add potions to any slot on the shelf by looking at that slot. In combination with the reading glasses, finding and obtaining potions quickly without the GUI is much easier.
*Tweaked Display Case – Emits a redstone signal if a redstone block is placed inside. Also displays enchantment information on weapons and armor if the player is wearing reading glasses.
*Tweaked Labels – Labels are no longer a solid object and can be walked through. This prevents the use of the label as a step when placed on the front of a chest.
*Added Hopper support –  All blocks properly support Hoppers and will only allow the correct items to be filtered into the blocks. Though buildcraft doesn’t follow the same rules, at least now yet, a combination of buildcraft and hoppers can make for an interesting sorting solution to filter out armor, weapons, books, etc.
*Restored some armor compatibilities that were lost in the transition to 1.5. – Tested to verify the stand works with Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, Industrial Craft and Forestry.

V1.1.6 – 
*Fixed a bug that allowed the armor stand to delete the block above the base when being place below another block. The player can no long place the stand unless there is a 2 block opening.
*Updated to forges updated way of handling armor textures. v1.1.5 will crash with forge v631+, that is fixed and the player must use forge v631+.

V1.1.5 –
*Fixed a couple rendering bugs that poped up with the new version
*Implemented proper support for the new TESR Culling feature in forge. This means that with forge, TileEntitySpecialRenderer’s, which all 8 blocks in BiblioCraft use, will not be rendered if the player is not facing that block. This should increase performance with heavy use of BiblioCraft by quite a bit.
*Users of Optifine no longer need to edit the config file and set IsOptifineInstalled to true. I left this in until I can be sure the bug doesn’t come back in a future version.

V1.1.4 – 
*Fixed a crash in SMP where closing the case would casue an Internal exception on the client.
*Few bug fixes and code cleanup

V1.1.3 –
*Updated to Minecraft 1.5
*Removed fake block above desk that prevents other blocks from being placed on the desk.

V1.1.2 –
* NEW ITEM: The Tape Measure. Simply right click a block to start a measurement, than right click another block to measure the distance, in blocks. Right click without aiming at any blocks to change between 2 modes. The first and default mode will get an absolute measurement, even on angles. The second mod will display up to 3 measurements on each of the 3 axis, no angles.
* Tweaked Armor Stand – If a player is holding a piece of armor in their hand, they can place it on the armor stand by right clicking the stand with the armor.
* Tweaked Armor Stand – Player can now shift-click from armor stand to player-armor inventory and from player inventory to player armor inventory if stand is full
* Added Armor stand compatibility for many more mods. Most mods should work automatically now. DivineRPG seems to be compatible now for example.
* Updated Shelf – Shelf will now only display the top center piece of wood if a block is above it, otherwise, the top of the shelf is flat. All current shelves will not feature the center piece of wood until the block is updated by placing or changing a block next to the shelf.
* Slight tweak with Shelf interaction – right clicking on the side or top of a shelf will open the GUI, even if the players hands are full.

V1.1.0 –
*NEW BLOCK: Added the Desk. Player can place books directly on the desk by right clicking with an accepted book. Right clicking the desk without an accepted book OR if the desk is full will open the GUI. Sneak clicking with an empty hand will pull a book off the Desk.
Upgraded Bookcase interactions: Player can place books directly in the Bookcase by right clicking with an accepted book. Right clicking the Bookcase without an accepted book OR if the Bookcase is full will open the GUI. Sneak clicking with an empty hand will pull a book off the Bookcase. Books will add/subtract from the top or bottom shelf depending on what shelf the player is aimed at.
Upgraded Display Case Interactions: When the case is open, if the player is holding an item, Right clicking will place the item in the case. If the player has an empty hand and right clicks, the GUI will open. Right clicking while there is an item in the case will cause the item to pop out of the case.
*Removed all restrictions on display cases. Any item or block may be placed in the case now.
*Upgraded Tool Rack interactions: Right-clicking the rack with an accepted tool with put the tool on the rack. Right clicking a tool that is on the rack will cause that tool to pop off. Sneak clicking with an empty hand will open the GUI.
*Upgraded Shelf interactions: Right-clicking the Shelf with any Block or Item will put it on the shelf. Right clicking an item or block that is on the Shelf will cause that item or block to pop off. Sneak clicking with an empty hand will open the GUI.
*Upgraded Potion Shelf interactions: Right clicking the shelf with an accepted potion will put that potion on the shelf. Right clicking without an accepted potion OR if the shelf is full will open the GUI. Sneak clicking with an empty hand will cause a potion to pop off. Potions are added/subtracted from one of the 3 shelves depending on what shelf the player is aiming at.
*Tweaked config support. Now keywords entered into the config will check for both in-code item names and in-game display name. This should allow support for adding keywords for items in other languages.
*Tweaked Labels so items and blocks are scaled slightly larger and fill out the label better.
*Fixed crashes relating to some items being placed on the shelf, the potion shelf, and the label.

V1.0.2 –
*Added config support for potion shelves. Now you can enter in keywords to add new items.
Support for thaumcraft phials and minechem test tubes implemented by default.
* Fixed a crash when databases from extra bees tried to be added to the label or the potion shelf.
* When shift clicking an item into the label, the first item now goes to the center slot.
* Fixed a bug with blocks rotating the wrong direction in fast graphics.
* Added more default words for various blocks to the config.
* Added equipped armor to GUI in Armor Stand.
* Added support for Gregtech and Ars Magics armors to the Armor Stand
* Added support for Heads to the Armor Stand.

V1.0.0 – First Public Release! Includes 7 different blocks such as Bookcases, Armor stands, item shelves, tool/weapon racks, tool/weapon/valuables display case, potion shelves, and wooden labels.