BiblioCraft for Minecraft 1.8.8 Status Report

Happy New Year everybody! As a way to start the new year I wanted to post an update on my progress on BiblioCraft for Minecraft 1.8.x. So far I think I’ve got an understanding on about ninety percent of what I need to know to make BiblioCraft work in 1.8. Since over half of the BiblioCraft codebase deals with rendering all the nice looking things and Minecraft 1.8 changed the way rendering is done I am in the process of rewriting over half of the code for BiblioCraft. The new way of rendering things should be much faster than the old way.

I am also taking the opportunity to rewrite areas of code that I wrote a long time ago using improved techniques that I’ve learned over the years. This ultimately means the update will take more time to complete, but I will be able to troubleshoot, modify, and add on to BiblioCraft much easier in the future.

So far I’ve managed to get the bookcases working pretty much just as they were in the last version. They still need some minor tweaks, but they are using the brand new rendering methods in 1.8. I’ve used the bookcase as my primary block to learn how to render custom models.  This screenshot below is taken in Minecraft 1.8.8.

Next I plan to bring in the shelf and figure out item rendering in 1.8. I am fairly confident I already have an idea on how that will work and once I get that I can start bringing in more BiblioCraft blocks that use similar rendering techniques. After that I still need to figure out how map rendering has changed and figure out how to animate my custom models and I should be able to finish the update. I’ll use Twitter to try to share update screens as I make more progress on this update, so keep an eye on that if you want to keep tabs on where I am at.

I was hoping I would be further along by now but the learning curve for all the new techniques has slowed me down more than I anticipated. However I think the final result will be well worth the time investment. I may have to slow down on progress soon since I start college back up January 5th. The good part of that though is that I am studying computer science so hopefully I will learning useful things I can use to make BiblioCraft even better. I won’t know how much extra time I might have until after classes start but I expect I should still have enough extra to continue working on the update.

Anyway, hope that gives you an idea on what has been going on with BiblioCraft. I think I can say for sure that you can definitely expect a Minecraft 1.8.x version this year. 😉

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    WOOO! Great to hear, hope you learn lots, good luck with your studies 😀



    hello Nuchaz
    happy new year 😀 and many to come
    i hope you will see this Reply soon
    Cause i have a problem with Bibliocraft
    i am running windows-7
    and MC 1.7.10 with Forge
    also the latest version of Biblio

    when i started using Biblio the entire mod worked
    its a great mod and i love it very much
    i made some books and build allot of great structures and buildings with the mod
    a big world

    but i have a problem now cause the type setting table is not working any more
    i can place a book ant it will turn Blue while shift right klicking it
    it will not turn up in the table it self
    also the printing press will no longer print books
    it turns normal books in Big-Writhing-Books
    ore it simply uses all the ink ant the book never gets printed

    now i really need those 2 to print out the journals i writhe
    about the world i have build

    can you try and find out how to fix this
    greets of a great fan of Biblio


    I’m not sure exactly what is going on but it sounds like something strange could have happend to the books that are already saved. If your playing singleplayer than there is a folder located in your minecraft/config/books/ folder that contains all your saved books. If multiplayer than BiblioCraft creates a folder in your world folder called “books”. Try removing all the files from that folder (maybe back them up if you don’t want to lose them) and try to copy a new book without anything in that folder. I hope that helps.

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    not working
    all the books are out of the folder
    and the Type-setting table still not working
    also the game sound is gone !?!?
    if i load MC without Biblio the sound is working
    with Biblio the game sound is gone !!!

    and i need to load my world 2 times before it wants to run at all !!!
    do i need to Erase all the books i have made in the game to ???

    if your answer is yes then i will lose 2 books that took me months of writhing :(
    greets Pirate.NL



    I notice you use 1.8.x in your post and 1.8.8 on the heading… Will the mod be useable by those of us on 1.8 ?



    @ChaosExtreme said:
    not working
    all the books are out of the folder
    and the Type-setting table still not working
    also the game sound is gone !?!?
    if i load MC without Biblio the sound is working
    with Biblio the game sound is gone !!!

    and i need to load my world 2 times before it wants to run at all !!!
    do i need to Erase all the books i have made in the game to ???

    if your answer is yes then i will lose 2 books that took me months of writhing :(
    greets Pirate.NL

    Hmm, that is very strange. I haven’t been able to duplicate this yet or figure out what is going on. Does it work if you create a new world? You wont have to delete any books in your world since after the books are copied, normal books become just vanilla books again.

    @adam1972 said:
    I notice you use 1.8.x in your post and 1.8.8 on the heading… Will the mod be useable by those of us on 1.8 ?

    It may be, it depends on how hard it is to backport. I would like to support the variations on 1.8.x if I can, but I can’t really promise it. I am planning to at least target the newest 1.8.x which is 1.8.9 now then I’ll see if I can backport. The last I tried, I was able to backport from 1.8.8 to 1.8.0 with only about two changes so hopefully it wont be too bad.



    Well I did have a try  ! Nuchaz
    in a new world it works there is just one thing
    when i place the book on the type setting table and its blue
    i can open up the table and see my own name
    the name of the book is in white letters and is almost unreadable

    now about what you say that i would not lose my books
    they are gone lost my journal of 6 months writhing is gone
    my map is crashing every time i try to load it
    and i have lost about 1 year of work in survival style

    i made maps 5 wide 5 high 0n the scale 1/5 all gone
    all the work gone lost

    i am not angry and i am not mad
    i am very very sad and disappointed
    just lost 1 year of work
    like 7 hours of work 6 day’s a week
    one entire year long and its all gone

    my books are not even in the game any more
    i did try to place them back but then the game did not even start any more
    it gave me a crash report over and over
    taking the books out made the game run
    but also made my save crash

    so i deleted all of Minecraft on my Desktop here
    i just finished with the reinstallation of MC
    and now i am back where i started 1 year ago !!!!

    and the mod is working
    i just tested is it works
    the type setting table is a little strange like i sad before

    thanks for losing all my work !!!



    back again
    and i have blown of allot of steam :)
    i got a fresh start on a new map but how to start with biblio
    and it working ??
    do i need to use MC 1.7.10 ore ???
    i am going to need help cause i want to start over
    but i dont want to lose books and maps after 1 year ore ever again

    what is the best MC version to run it
    what Forge version ???
    do i need Optifine yes or no ??? if yes what version ???

    cause i want to start over within now and no time
    and i dont want to end like it did today ever again

    greets :)

    waiting with patients


    Sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve be crazy busy with school lately. I am really sorry to hear about your world. I have no idea what could have happened. Sometimes you can save your world with MCEdit or at least retrieve stuff out of it and copy it to a new safer world. Also any books you saved with the typesetting table, as long as you saved the contents of the books folders you can always copy it back into the books folder (in the config file for singleplayer) and reprint any books you had saved.

    There really is no special requirements for BiblioCraft. It works fine on the latest version of forge for Minecraft 1.7.10. I’ve been playing with the latest recommended version for 1.7.10 and haven’t had any issues. I recommend against optifine. It has caused graphical issues with BiblioCraft in the past.

    I don’t have a 1.8.x version ready yet, but one is in the works. It may be worth noting that BiblioCraft for 1.8.x is a ground up rewrite of the mod and will not be backwards compatible. So when the time comes if you want to use BiblioCraft for 1.8.x you won’t be able to bring your world. You will be able to bring books however by saving them with the typesetting table and coping the files in the books folder. I plan to make sure that still works fine.

    Again, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your world. I know how rough it can be to lose a world. I’ve lost a couple in my time. I try to keep regular updates now. I would recommend doing like a weekly or a monthly backup of your world. Just copy the world folder, maybe compress it into a .zip and save it somewhere like another part of your hard drive, or better, another partition or another hard drive. Then save like 2 or 3 versions back before deleting old copies. It’s a nice way to kind of ensure at least if something terrible happens you don’t lose it all.

    Best of luck to you.



    Its to bad i did not made a backup of my old world :(
    i started all over jup and i have not used Optifine yet

    about MC 1.8 the only reason to play that version would be for the Wood options
    on doors
    for now 1.7.10 still runs fine and got enough options for game play
    i am running the Furniture mod at the moment
    with applecore
    and i am looking for a good food mod
    more food and recipes but no extra stoves ore stuff cause i got 2 already

    i have started all over on a new Journal Book
    and i wil not place the type setting table ore the book press till the book is done ! :)

    i am afraid it wil do the same thing if i do place it to early
    any way
    could you ad a like a crafting table ore maybe change a crafting table so it works the same as the
    Furniture Paneler
    so you would not need to open up the table any more 😀
    now that would be cool

    and please take a look at the door option of MC 1.8
    maybe you could ad that in your mod to
    and 1.8 will no longer be needed by many many faitfull players 😀

    greets Chaos-Extreme



    Do you know when can we expect bibliocraft 1.8.x?



    i am going to hope that it will be possible
    to simply ad the new stuf of 1.8.x to 1.7.10 without needing to run 1.8.x
    restarting a map you are on for many months becomes a pain in the ass !!!
    especially if allot of items became something ells !!!!
    so lets just hope there is someone who can update 1.7.10
    with all the stuff 1.8.x got

    also we need to understand why Microsoft is so slow in updating MC
    also why are there no good Mod Making programs yet
    making mods for MC must become easy for every one
    Microsoft can make a good working easy to use mod maker program

    that would change allot and open up allot of options
    so MC will go on and on for years to come !!!!



    I don’t think he will keep updating bibliocraft 1.7.10 because it is a lot of work. Also there is no reason to restart on a new world just because of an update unless worldgen stuff has changed. And even then you could with a lot of hassle put a part of your old world into the newly generated world with MCedit.

    About making mods:

    If you are serious about making minecraft mods you will simply need to learn javascript and some other things I don’t understand. Also there is this:   and this   I haven’t looked into these things myself but I can tell you right away that the options you have are very limited (compared to actual modding).


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    Hey NucHaz

    Do you have a set release date for Bibliocraft for 1.8.8?




    first i was like yeah when will it be done
    but now i know NucHaz is busy with school and that is a good thing
    and i have also learned that 1.8 is kinda very heavy for laptops when the try to ad mods
    allot of people cant run mods in 1.8 on a laptop also desktops with not so much power cant handle
    to many Mods while running 1.8

    so its better to stick with 1.7.10
    its a smaller and better running engine then the 1.8 for as far as i can understand
    so why not ad stuff to the mod that is also added in the 1.8 version of MC

    there are many mods to be found
    and the most of them only work in 1.7.10
    about 40% of all the mods there are today are also working in MC 1.8
    but the game is getting very heavy for allot of MC users with low gear computers

    if there is the possibility to ad stuff in 1.7.10 without making the game to heavy
    then it think its way better then just upgrading Biblio to 1.8
    if i could decide about it it would be a no go for the upgrade
    but more options like adding the doors from 1.8 into this mod
    so we could use it in 1.7.10 to

    greets C.E

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