I need your help! And other news.

I am currently taking a writing class for engineers while working on my degree in computer science and I am currently working on a group research project where we have to gather data and then write a report. Here is where you come in, I have a 5 minute survey with 10 questions on electric cars and I would love it if everyone who has 5 minutes could fill it out for me. The survey is completely anonymous so anyone can fill it out easily. You would be doing me a huge favor by filling out this survey. Maybe you can even pass it along to your friends and family too.  The more responses the better! :) Thank you!

Here is the survey about electric cars: -Survey completed and link removed- Thank you everyone!!


In other news. It looks like the OBJ model loader I have been waiting for in Forge for Minecraft 1.8 has finally been merged. As soon as I get some time I want to start figuring out how it works. I think we are one big step closer to me being able finally port BiblioCraft over to Minecraft v1.8.

It also seems I botched my fix for the big book in the last release. There is now issues when turning pages. I guess that is what I get for trying to hurry and not testing things enough. I will try to fix this and get a release out as soon as I can.

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