BiblioCraft v1.10.5 released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.10.5 to the downloads page. This is a really important update if you are running a server. This update will fix a couple of nasty exploits that people figured out how to use to duplicate stuff and just spawn in things.  Those exploits will be impossible now. I also added a couple small features from requests such as a new clock redstone modes that let you switch between a redstone pulse or a solid redstone signal for the duration of the times selected. I also added tooltips to the framed block items that show what texture it currently applied. I also added the word “diary” to the default list of books for bookcases and such and fixed a rendering bug on the shelf that sometimes colored things purple when an enchanted item was on the shelf.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab a copy and if you have any comments, questions, issues, feel free to post on the forums here on the website, comment on this news post, post on the official minecraft forum thread or leave an issue on github. As always, Enjoy! :)

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