BiblioCraft v1.11.5 Released for Minecraft v1.7.10!

BiblioCraft v1.11.5 has been released for Minecraft v1.7.10. A duplication bug came to my attention this weekend that needed to be addressed right away. So the duplication bug with the fancy workbench is now fixed. If you run a server, this update is highly recommended. I also fixed a custom crafting recipie that wasn’t registered properly. It was still working, but the loading log from forge was throwing a warning. So that is fixed now too.

Head on over to the downloads page to get the newest version. Enjoy!

BiblioCraft Update Progress

Greetings! I wanted to share a little progress update on the BiblioCraft update. I finished my semester of college and I am off until the end of August, so I finally have some time I can invest into BiblioCraft.

I’ve already made significant progress on rewriting large portions of the mod and have ported over a a number of things that I don’t think need to be rewritten. I have all the items in game and most of the them are working. The Atlas still has lots of issues to work out, but hopefully none of those issues will be too difficult. I still have to get the different 3d items rendering properly. I’ve got the compass partly working, but I am still getting a grasp on working with rendering.

I have the bookcase and the shelf in game and fully functional as well. I am getting ready to start adding blocks back in soon. I’ve rewritten about 2/3 of the back-end stuff for the blocks and next I plan to start rewriting the primary block classes. Rewriting all this stuff is taking a good bit of time, but it will make updating and adding new blocks in the future much easier from my end and it significantly cleans up my code base.

There is still lots of stuff to do but I seem to be progressing at a good rate I think. I’ll plan to tweet out some screenshots as I make progress too and have more things I can show. If I run into some bigger issues on the more complicated blocks, I am considering the idea of maybe releasing a BiblioCraft lite version with some of the basic blocks that I get working. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds on that one. I am pretty anxious myself to have a playable 1.8.x version of BiblioCraft. I still haven’t even really played Minecraft 1.8.x or 1.9.x. I am still playing on Minecraft 1.7.10.

After I finish updating to 1.8.9 then I plan to take a look at updating to 1.9.x. I don’t really have any idea how big of an update that will be, but I don’t expect it to be anything like the update to 1.8.x.  I likely won’t add any new features until I get BiblioCraft up to to Minecraft 1.9.x and get all the features we had in the 1.7.10 version working again.

Hopefully that helps give you an idea of where I am at with the update and all that. I’ll leave you with a screenshot I took inside Minecraft 1.8.9 with most of what I have working shown. Enjoy! :)


BiblioCraft for Minecraft 1.8.8 Status Report

Happy New Year everybody! As a way to start the new year I wanted to post an update on my progress on BiblioCraft for Minecraft 1.8.x. So far I think I’ve got an understanding on about ninety percent of what I need to know to make BiblioCraft work in 1.8. Since over half of the BiblioCraft codebase deals with rendering all the nice looking things and Minecraft 1.8 changed the way rendering is done I am in the process of rewriting over half of the code for BiblioCraft. The new way of rendering things should be much faster than the old way.

I am also taking the opportunity to rewrite areas of code that I wrote a long time ago using improved techniques that I’ve learned over the years. This ultimately means the update will take more time to complete, but I will be able to troubleshoot, modify, and add on to BiblioCraft much easier in the future.

So far I’ve managed to get the bookcases working pretty much just as they were in the last version. They still need some minor tweaks, but they are using the brand new rendering methods in 1.8. I’ve used the bookcase as my primary block to learn how to render custom models.  This screenshot below is taken in Minecraft 1.8.8.

Next I plan to bring in the shelf and figure out item rendering in 1.8. I am fairly confident I already have an idea on how that will work and once I get that I can start bringing in more BiblioCraft blocks that use similar rendering techniques. After that I still need to figure out how map rendering has changed and figure out how to animate my custom models and I should be able to finish the update. I’ll use Twitter to try to share update screens as I make more progress on this update, so keep an eye on that if you want to keep tabs on where I am at.

I was hoping I would be further along by now but the learning curve for all the new techniques has slowed me down more than I anticipated. However I think the final result will be well worth the time investment. I may have to slow down on progress soon since I start college back up January 5th. The good part of that though is that I am studying computer science so hopefully I will learning useful things I can use to make BiblioCraft even better. I won’t know how much extra time I might have until after classes start but I expect I should still have enough extra to continue working on the update.

Anyway, hope that gives you an idea on what has been going on with BiblioCraft. I think I can say for sure that you can definitely expect a Minecraft 1.8.x version this year. 😉

BiblioCraft v1.11.4 released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.11.4 to the downloads page. This is just a small update that fixes a bug with the big book that was caused in the last update. In my first attempt to fix the text resetting when the game window is resized, I accidently made it so it retains the text even when the page is turned. That is fixed in this build and it will still properly retain text if the window is resized.

In other news, I have received enough responses to the survey I needed help with and will be taking it down so my group and I can analyze the data and write our research reports. I am considering sharing my final report after it is graded for anyone who is interested.  Anyway, I want to extend a huge thank you to anyone who responded and helped me out with this.

In further news, I started looking over the newest release of forge for Minecraft v1.8 which includes some of the key features I’ve been needed to update. I think it may be possible for me to start making progress on that as I get time. I’ll be sure to share my progress via twitter as soon as I start making some headway. It may take me a good bit of time to update since I am getting hammered with homework in college right now and likely will over the next month until finals, but anywhere I get some free time, the update is where I want to spend it.

Anyway, head on over to the downloads page to grab a copy of the newest version and as always, if you have any comments, questions, or issues, feel free to reach out using the forums, github, twitter, the official minecraft forum thread and I’ll do my best to respond when I get a chance.

I need your help! And other news.

I am currently taking a writing class for engineers while working on my degree in computer science and I am currently working on a group research project where we have to gather data and then write a report. Here is where you come in, I have a 5 minute survey with 10 questions on electric cars and I would love it if everyone who has 5 minutes could fill it out for me. The survey is completely anonymous so anyone can fill it out easily. You would be doing me a huge favor by filling out this survey. Maybe you can even pass it along to your friends and family too.  The more responses the better! :) Thank you!

Here is the survey about electric cars: -Survey completed and link removed- Thank you everyone!!


In other news. It looks like the OBJ model loader I have been waiting for in Forge for Minecraft 1.8 has finally been merged. As soon as I get some time I want to start figuring out how it works. I think we are one big step closer to me being able finally port BiblioCraft over to Minecraft v1.8.

It also seems I botched my fix for the big book in the last release. There is now issues when turning pages. I guess that is what I get for trying to hurry and not testing things enough. I will try to fix this and get a release out as soon as I can.

BiblioCraft v1.11.3 Released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.11.3 to the downloads page and to curseforge. This update fixes an issue with Forestry 4.x that has caused a few crashes or with Forestry v4.1+ caused the furniture paneler to get the incorrect texture. There is still an issue with the BiblioWoods Forestry addon, but I am not really planning to update that anymore. The furniture paneler will accomplish the same goal so I would recommend using that instead.

I also fixed a bug with the big book in this update that caused anything you typed that wasn’t saved to get reset if you resized the game window with the book open. Finally I added a config option that allows you to set the render distance of paintings in painting frames. The default distance is 64 blocks and can be adjusted to any positive number. This is for people with more powerful computers who would like to see larger paintings from a much further distance.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab the newest version. If you have any comments, questions, or issues feel free to leave a comment on this post, post in the forums on this website, post on the official forum thread on the minecraft forums or create an issue on Github. Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft v1.11.2 Released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.11.2 to the downloads page and to curseforge. This update fixes a couple of crashes, one that came up with the framed chests when certain items / blocks are placed inside it and a crash with the stockroom catalog where you would crash if you tried to add a block with an inventory that didn’t have an inventory name. I also added a couple requested config options, one to disable recipe book crafting and another to force books added to the typesetting table to be public or private (private by default).

Head on over to the downloads page to grab your copy and if you have any comments, questions, or issues feel free to leave a comment on this post, post on the forums on this website, create an issue on github or post on the official thread on the minecraft forums. As always, Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft v1.11.1 Released and Updated BiblioWoods for TFC!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.11.1 to the downloads page and on CurseForge. This update fixes a crash when certain items, like a Botania wand of the forest, are placed in a framed chest. I also added printing press support to the Stockroom catalog so they can easily be copied now and I added support for Quantum Storage Units to the Stockroom Catalog. There was also a bug I caused with the framed chest and forced your graphics setting to fast mode, that is fixed now as well.

I also posted a new version of BiblioWoods TerraFirmaCraft edition to the BiblioWoods addons page and to CurseForge. That update fixes compatibility with the new TerraFirmaCraft v0.79.28.808 release.

If you have any questions, comments or issues, feel free to post on the forums here on this website, create an issue on github, or post on the official minecraft forums thread. As always, Enjoy!

BiblioCraft v1.11.0 Released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.11.0 to the downloads page and updated the wiki pages. With this newest update I’ve added Framed Chests, which are similar to vanilla chests, but can be colored with the furniture paneler and have built in labels. I’ve also added a book I call the Stockroom Catalog which will let you select several inventories, like chests and mod inventories like barrels and see a list of all the contents. The stockroom catalog also works with waypoint compasses to help you find your stuff. I think that is going to come in real handy for the times when we have big rooms fulls of chests and stuff and we can’t remember where we put stuff.

I’ve also made an update spotlight video so show off the new features.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab the newest version. If you have any comments, questions or problems please feel free to post on the forums here and leave a comment, or create an issue on github or post on the official BiblioCraft thread on the minecraft forums.  As always, Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft v1.10.6 Released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.10.6 to the downloads page. This update fixes a crash I accidently introduced in the last update related to an ItemTossEvent. This update should fix that. I highly recommend grabbing this update for both servers and single player so you can avoid the potential crashy crash.  Enjoy!