BiblioCraft v2.4.1 for Minecraft 1.12.0 released!

I just updated BiblioCraft for Minecraft v1.12.0 and fixed a couple of bugs that game up. I fixed a crash with the reading glasses and I added back the enchanted atlas recipe. I still plan to readd the enchanted atlas as a json based recipe in the near future, but I hardcoded it back in for now.

Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft updated for Minecraft v1.12.0!

I just released an update for BiblioCraft for Minecraft v1.12.0. This is pretty much a straight port from the previous version. This is more of a beta than previous releases though since it is missing one recipe, the recipe to turn an atlas into an enchanted atlas for the death compass. I also expect this build of BiblioCraft to break in future version of forge for Minecraft v1.12.0, so that is something to be aware of as you update forge and such at this early junction in Minecraft v1.12.x modding.

Minecraft 1.12 introduced a new recipe system which now uses json files that can easily be edited by anyone. From what I understand, Minecraft v1.13 will introduce data-packs which are essentially resource packs that support a bunch more types of thing, such as recipes. So this was the first big step toward that and all the recipes in BiblioCraft are now in the new json format. Forge is still in the process of making back-end changes to better support all this new stuff. Some of the changes proposed in forge are expected to break current compatibility, so that is why I expect some things to break in the future. But as that happens I plan to try to stay on top of updating to support forge as it goes through changes.

Anyway, head on over to the download pages to grab the newest version of BiblioCraft. If you have any comments, questions, or issues, feel free to post on the website, the official minecraft forum, or create an issue on github. For bugs and stuff, creating an issue on github is most preferred. As always, enjoy!

BiblioCraft updated! BiblioWoods Updated and released for new BiblioCraft!

BiblioWoods is back! I decided to take advantage of some of the new architechure I built into the newest versions of BiblioCraft and create some BiblioWoods addons. Only this time, I don’t need to create and include any hand made textures, I am just reading the textures from the supported mods. In this case, I have updated BiblioWoods for Biomes O’ Plenty, Forestry, and Natura. I am open to suggestions on other popular mods that add woods that people would like to see BiblioWoods packages for. Since you can still achieve the same effect with the paneler block, the addons are just adding recipes and creative tabs. I think people might like how I organized the creative tabs for the BiblioWoods. All the wood types are grouped together, instead of block types.

BiblioCraft has been updated for Minecraft versions 1.9.4, 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 with a few important bug fixes as well as the back end architechure (at least in BiblioCraft v2.3.1 for MC 1.11.2) to support BiblioWoods. There is a bad crash if you try to craft an Atlas on a server that has been fixed. I also fixed Tables not connecting in the newest version for Minecraft v1.11.2. I made an adjustment to the plumb line y coord, it should be correct now and I also tried to fix a rendering crash that has been happening.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab the new BiblioCraft and head over to BiblioWoods addon page to grab the new BiblioWoods. You can also find all this stuff on CurseForge as well. If you have any comments, questions, or issues feel free to speak out here in the comments, on the minecraft forum, or on my github. Enjoy!

BiblioCraft updated for Minecraft v1.7.10!

I just released an update to BiblioCraft, making it version 1.11.7 now for Minecraft v1.7.10. This update fixes a crash that occurs when you try to start a deticated server with BiblioCraft v1.11.6. There was a bug I introduced on accident in the last update when I fixed a dupe with the slotted book. I forgot make the call to open the gui happen only on the client and let it happen on the server where it should never happy. That is fixed now in this update.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab a copy. Enjoy!

BiblioCraft updated for Minecraft v1.11.2 and many important bug fixes for versions for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4, and 1.7.10

Greetings! I have finally managed to finish the update to Minecraft v1.11.2 with BiblioCraft version 2.3.0. I also went through github and fixed many bugs and dupe issues that have come up, including some issues that go back to the version for 1.7.10. So I went ahead and fixed a bunch of bugs in the version for 1.7.10, which is now updated to BiblioCraft v1.11.6. I also fixed a large number of bugs in the versions for Minecraft 1.9.4 and 1.10.2 which worked into the 1.11.2 update as that went along. So we have a total of 4 new versions of BiblioCraft across 4 versions of Minecraft.

The update to 1.11.2 was a lot more major than I ever anticipated. Some of the changes were only back-end changes that shouldn’t really effect users, but as a developer I think will make my life easier in the future. Even though I complained to myself the entire time about how much work the changes were, I can definitely see the benefit. Hopefully the update to Minecraft 1.12.x will be a little less painful.

Whats next? I have a feature update I am planning to work on sometime this summer, but I will likley wait on Minecraft v1.12.x to see what has to be done there. That seems like it should be just around the corner. With BiblioCraft up to date now and the update coming up before summer, I should be able to update BiblioCraft to the new version of Minecraft soon after forge releases an update for minecraft 1.12. At least, that is the plan. Also, I know the forums on this website have become overrun with spam and that is another issue I plan to try to address this summer. Apologies for the mess in the meantime.

Head on over to the Downloads page to grab the newest version of BiblioCraft for your desired version of Minecraft. I’ve also uploaded all four releases to CurseForge, so you should be able to head over there and grab a copy as well. If you have any comments, questions, or issues, feel free to leave a response here on the website, post on the official minecraft forum, or create an issue on Github. As always, Enjoy!

BiblioCraft v2.1.1 / v2.2.1 Released!

BiblioCraft has been updated for Minecraft version 1.9.4 and 1.10.2. This update makes a massive improvement to render speed on BiblioCraft items thanks to a model cache system I developed. This should address some of the performance issues. I also fixed block sounds on servers, like the desk bell, typewriter, and case. I also tried to fix a render crash that has come up and I did some back end work in preparation for the update to Minecraft v1.11.x.

I’ve also been working on an update for Minecraft v1.11.x and have been good progress. I am down to only about 50 errors left now. Much of the process of updating to that version has just been a process of learning what has changed. I don’t expect any serious issues at this point.

Anyway, head on over to the downloads page and grab the latest update for BiblioCraft! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to post a comment on this news post, start a thread on the forum, post on the official thread on the Minecraft Forums or create an issue on my Github. Enjoy!

BiblioCraft 2.1.0 for Minecraft version 1.9.4 and BiblioCraft 2.2.0 for Minecraft version 1.10.2 Released!

I finally did it! I have BiblioCraft working for Minecraft v1.9.4 and Minecraft v1.10.2! It has a been a long road getting it updated this time, but it finally works good and I am happy enough with it to set it free out into the world. There may still be some minor issues that come up and I plan to continue working on bug fixes as I learn about potential issues, but it feels pretty solid right now from what testing I have done.

Next I plan to work on updating to Minecraft v1.11.x. At first look I have a bit under 800 errors or so to fix. With college running full tilt right now I cannot make any promises as to when I might get it done, but I will definitely work on it as I have time.

Please let me know via Github, the Minecraft Forum, or the comments / forums on this website about any issues you come across. I have a hard time trying to respond to everything these days, but I do try to keep up on reading most of it.

Head on over to the downloads page and either grab the version of your choice from the adfly link or head to curse forge. Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft v2.0.1 released for Minecraft v1.8.9!

I just posted BiblioCraft v2.0.1 on the downloads page and up on curseforge. This update fixed custom paintings being inverted along the horizontal axis and fixes a couple of crashes. One crash occured when trying to use spongeforge due to me incorrectly registering my custom enchantments. That has been addressed. Another random crash has been occurring for me and a number of folks that I think I finally got taken care of. It was a rendering crash relating to how I was loading models with block states. I am pretty confident I have this crash solved now.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab the newest copy and if you have any comments, questions, or issues, feel free to post on my website, on the official Minecraft forum  or create an issue on my GitHub. Enjoy!

BiblioCraft v2.0.0 for Minecraft v1.8.9 has been released!

After months of work and developing an understanding of how Minecraft has changed, I am finally ready to release a version of BiblioCraft that supports Minecraft v1.8.9. This was by far the most difficult update I have done since I started developing this mod. Despite the challenge, I took the opportunity to rewrite most of the code in BiblioCraft and try to improve upon what I had created. Over the past year I have started attending college and working on my degree in Computer Science. Prior to that, I had no formal programming education or training. So now, with two semesters of formal training, I am have been able to extend my programming knowledge and apply that to create a better back-end for BiblioCraft. This will allow me to add features much easier and hopefully work through future updates with less hassle.

All in all I would venture to guess I rewrote about 80% of the code in BiblioCraft. Since so much of the mod was rewritten, this is why I have chosen to refer to the mod as version 2.0.0.  Most things I tried to keep basically the same, however I did make a few improvements along the way as I could. The armor stand is now made of wood and has a new recipe. The stand comes in all six vanilla wood styles, plus a framed version that works with the furniture paneler so it can be colored to look like any block.  The Bookcase, Shelf, Potion Shelf, Tool Rack, and Clock can now be adjusted to be in three different positions. The back of the block, which is default and standard behavior, the center of the block, or the front of the block. Use the screw gun or hand drill to adjust their position. The reading glasses also can display more information now. The text now renders in the GUI instead of on the blocks, which should make it easier to read as well. I also tried to make the Shelf and the Potion Shelf easier to to use from the backside.

I think it is important to note that worlds from 1.7.10 with BiblioCraft will not be compatible with this version of BiblioCraft, so don’t expect that to work.

As for other versions of Minecraft, I plan to start working on the update to Minecraft v1.9.4 next. I am hoping the 1.9.4 update isn’t too difficult. I’ll have to get into it a bit before I really know, but I am definitly sure it will be easier than the 1.8.9 update. After I get the version for 1.9.4 working, I’ll get a version for 1.10.x out. I expect the update from 1.9.4 to 1.10.x to be extremely easy. Unfortunately, I will be unable to release a version for Minecraft v1.8.0 due to limitations that weren’t addressed until Minecraft v1.8.9. So sorry to anyone who was hoping for a version for Minecraft v1.8.0.


Head on over to the downloads page and download the newest version either on the website or through curseforge. If you have any questions, comments, or issues, please feel free to create an issue on my github, post here on the website, or post on the official Minecraft forum. Some of you may have noticed I have responded to much stuff in awhile, mostly because I have wanted to put my time into working on the update. I do still try to read all the stuff even if I don’t respond. This being a rewrite and so much has changed on the back-end, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed some bugs so I will be keeping an eye out for any issues people might have.

Enjoy! :)