BiblioCraft v1.10.6 Released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.10.6 to the downloads page. This update fixes a crash I accidently introduced in the last update related to an ItemTossEvent. This update should fix that. I highly recommend grabbing this update for both servers and single player so you can avoid the potential crashy crash.  Enjoy!

BiblioCraft v1.10.5 released!

I just posted BiblioCraft v1.10.5 to the downloads page. This is a really important update if you are running a server. This update will fix a couple of nasty exploits that people figured out how to use to duplicate stuff and just spawn in things.  Those exploits will be impossible now. I also added a couple small features from requests such as a new clock redstone modes that let you switch between a redstone pulse or a solid redstone signal for the duration of the times selected. I also added tooltips to the framed block items that show what texture it currently applied. I also added the word “diary” to the default list of books for bookcases and such and fixed a rendering bug on the shelf that sometimes colored things purple when an enchanted item was on the shelf.

Head on over to the downloads page to grab a copy and if you have any comments, questions, issues, feel free to post on the forums here on the website, comment on this news post, post on the official minecraft forum thread or leave an issue on github. As always, Enjoy! :)

Welcome to version 2.0!

The time has finally come. This is basically the website I always wanted for BiblioCraft. Over the past 2 months or so I have been working on building this website from the ground up. I started with the underscores WordPress theme and some sketches I did in Photoshop and after 2 months of coding, making graphics, and adding content, this is the result. 

The new websites main features include much better organization of item and block information and a full set of forums. Each block and item now has its own page with a Wikipedia inspired sidebar, a photo gallery, a complete changelog for each block/item and more. In the main menu of the website, you will see a “Info Archive” link. That is a complete list of blocks and items in the info pages. As I create add new blocks and items to the pages, they will show up on top of that page.

The forums I hope will be a useful place for the community to communicate, share addons, share suggestions and all that kind of stuff. It will make it much easier for me to communicate with people, help, and listen to suggestions than it has been using the Minecraft forum. I would still like to keep that forum thread alive, but it is difficult to keep up with when I have to reply to so many posts all at one time. That is partially my fault that I have to reply to so many because I get caught up in working on things and just don’t take the time. I like to answer everyone though who asks questions and shares suggestions and addons so I am hoping having a forum here will make it easier for me. 

To log into the forums, the login and register link is above the main logo on the top of the website. I’ve completely started fresh with this website, so I apologize if you already have a wordpress account with my old website, you will have to create a new account on this website. I am hoping I have a lot less issues with spam with the forum based comment setup. Notice on the top of the website some quick links for my Patreon, twitter, youtube, and github.

So with the website updated, what is next for BiblioCraft? Well I think it is about time for another feature update. Though I may not make this one as big and I may concentrate more on refining a few things that are still a little rough around the edges. I am planning to do another feature update for Minecraft v1.7.10 before I take another attempt at updating to Minecraft v1.8.x. There have been some big additions to Forge over this time period that I worked on the website. Believe me, I’ve wanted to update to Minecraft v1.8.x for a long time, but I just haven’t had the technology I needed to do it. There were a lot of things that broke in forge on in the 1.8 update and it has taken a long time for the community to work out some good solutions to those problems. For example, custom model support using the OBJ format, like I am using now, was just added to forge within the month or so. That was one of the big things I was waiting for. So, after the next update, I will take a hard look at it and see if I can officially start working toward a Minecraft v1.8.x update.

So anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the new website and I hope it makes BiblioCraft much easier to understand. I plan to continue to update BiblioCraft and hang around the website so keep an eye out around here for new stuff from time to time. You will now be able to reach me by posting on the forums. If you have any problems with the website or anything, post in the general BiblioCraft section and I’ll see what I can do.

Enjoy! 😀