Short Animation Goodness

Today I just wanted to share this short animation with everyone. I put this together for a good friend of mine, ShabbyQuotient. You may have seen some of his BiblioCraft mod spotlights that I’ve posted on here in the past. Check out his youtube channel and give him a subscribe! I made the animation as an intro ShabbyQ can use in his videos and he posted just the animation first to celebrate 1 year of making youtube videos.

Check out the animation below!

BiblioCraft v1.6.3 released!

I just released a new version with a couple bug fixes and one addition. I added a GUI for the redstone book. Just right click with the redstone book to open and you will have a place where you can change the name of the book. The name then also looks like a normal book name. There is also a description in the book to explain how it can be used. Other than that I fixed the printing press recipe so it required a iron pressure plate again instead of the gold pressure plate I had it accidently set to since BiblioCraft v1.6.0. I also did a tweak to the clipboard and made it so you can hold down keyboard keys when typing in it now. For example now you can hold down the backspace key instead of having to tap it for each letter.

Head on over to the downloads page to download it. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them here in the comments, on the minecraft forum from the forum link up above, or through github. As always, Enjoy! :)

Dragon Coffee Table posted for sale on Etsy!


The Dragon Coffee Table seen in the earlier post with the poll has just been posted on Etsy for sale. I also created a page on my website that describes and has many high res photos of the table. If this table sells well, I will start a “BiblioCraft Exotics” mod and feature the Dragon Coffee table in it. I also have plans for some other things I will add to it that will eventually be put on my new Etsy shop. It should be a fun little extension to BiblioCraft that will also work as a stand-alone mod for those who only want these more exotic things. 

Click here to view the dragon coffee table on this website with high res photos.

Click here to view the dragon coffee table listing on Etsy.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them on this post or if you want to send a private message about the table or something else related to this exotic wooden furniture aventure (as I’m calling it) feel free to message me through the Etsy messaging system. Either way I will try to respond to all questions best I can. :)

BiblioCraft v1.6.2 released!

Time for another update. This one includes a couple fixes and a couple minor additions. I added support to the reading glasses / reading enchantment for map pins on a map in a map frame. So now when you look at a pin, the name of that pin will be spelled out in the middle of the map. That should make it much easier to tell if you are looking at a map pin. I also added enchantment particles to the bookcases so if they are near an enchantment table, they should emit particles much like vanilla bookshelves do.  Among the fixes I fixed a crash with the drafting compass when trying to edit a pin and fixed an armor stand drop issue. See the changelog for more details.

Head on over to the downloads link on the navigation bar to download. As always, if you have any questions,comments, or problems feel free to leave them in the comments here, on the Minecraft forum in the official BiblioCraft thread, or on github. Enjoy! :)

Time for a poll!

I would like to start a poll and get an idea if this is something people might be interested in. One of my other hobbies that I enjoy is woodworking. This is a definite factor in why BiblioCraft is pretty much based around wooden furniture. I started thinking that perhaps I can use these skills to try to create an income. Money is very tight for me right now I really want to work from home. Eventually I think I would like to work on some independent game development, but for now I need to make some money doing things I know. If I could make enough money selling custom furniture like this, I would be able to have more time to work on BiblioCraft and add fun new stuff so this could benefit everyone. One project that I built was heavily based on designs my father has come up with many many years ago; the Dragon coffee table. This is likely the first piece I would sell.


This Dragon coffee table was built in honor of my late father. It is made entirely from birch plywood, coated with about 8 coats of polyurethane and hand sanded between each coat for a silky smooth feeling to the touch. A lot of love went into this table. My father had built a handful of similar coffee tables a long time ago and had always dreamed of earning a living building similar hand made works of functional art.

I could also recreate stuff like this into Minecraft. Maybe have an exotic furniture BIblioCraft addon pack. I could recreate any unique furniture that I build and have it freely available for anyone to download while a few lucky folks will have the opportunity to purchase and own the real thing. I am also open to the idea of building some custom furniture to your specifications. Want some Minecraft themed furniture or even a real life replica of a BiblioCraft block? I can likely do that as well.

Is anyone interested in helping me revive my fathers dream of building and selling Dragon coffee tables and perhaps other unique functional woodworking art? Let me know by responding to this poll. Also feel free to post in the comments section for any questions or comments.

Here is some more pictures of the Dragon coffee table I built.

BiblioCraft v1.6.1 released! Game loading crash fixed!

I just put up BIblioCraft v1.6.1. The only changes are  a fix for the crash folks using 32bit Java are getting and a fix for the seat recipe that was using a wood plank where the pressure plate should have been. Basically it had to do with where I loaded the client-side packet handler. It was kind of an odd problem, especially since it worked on 64bit Java just fine, that part I don’t understand, but regardless, it is fixed now for everyone. :)

If there are any more problems or any questions please post either on this news post, or on the forum, or make an issue on github. Enjoy! :)

BiblioCraft v1.6.0 for Minecraft v1.7.2 has been released!


BiblioCraft for Minecraft 1.7.2 is finally ready to be released into the wild. This update was quite the challenge to transition over to the new Minecraft systems, but in the end, this was a really great update and will be a big help to me as a developer moving forward. A few features that have been requested quite a bit have been added to this release as well.

All wood blocks can now be crafted with the 2 new varieties of vanilla wood; acacia and dark oak. Display cases can now be colored with carpets like seats and tables so all 16 colors are available. Lamps and Lanterns now also come in an iron variety and have all been moved to their own tab for tidiness.

The typesetting table GUI got a big update. The old one was broken with the update so I was forced to spend time re-creating it anyway, so I added some good stuff. You can now make books private so only the author (or someone in creative mode) can see private books and you can now delete books from in game (restricted to book authors and folks in creative mode).

The config file got some new and frequently requested features as well. Any block or item in BiblioCraft can now be disabled so if you really don’t like something, you simply set that block or item to false in the config. You will also now find it possible to disable light emission from BiblioCraft blocks.

Anyway, head on over to the Changelog for a complete list of changes and head over to the downloads page to find a shiny new download. If you have any problems or crashes, please post your crashlog with a description of what happened on the Minecraft forum, on my new post here, or create an issue on my github. Enjoy! :)

Minecraft v1.7.2 and Translations for the next BiblioCraft

The next version of BiblioCraft is getting closer. I have finished the new translation file (the en_US.lang file) and uploaded it to github. I encourage anyone who can translate to head on over to my github and help update the translations files for any languages you are familiar with. Click here to head straight to the en_US.lang file and see what has been updated. You may even see some clues as to will be included in the next release. I will include all the updated translations in my upcoming release. I still can’t say exactly when it will be ready, but I wanted to make sure I gave all the folks who help translate a little bit of time to work on that while I finish up on the rest.  A huge thanks to everyone who has helped out up to this point with language translations, you folks are doing a wonderful job helping me make BiblioCraft more enjoyable for people all around the world. :)

BiblioCraft v1.5.5 update released!

BiblioCraft v1.5.5 is now available. This is planned to be the final release for Minecraft v1.6.4. The next release I plan to make for Minecraft v1.7.x. I just wanted to fix a few standing issues, at least the ones I could fix. There was a crash with the twilight forest maps that has gotten resolved and a few overlooked localizations have been added. A couple of tweaks were added as well, see the changelog for complete details.

My next priority with BiblioCraft will be the 1.7.x update. Forge has reached a usable state; at least to the point where I believe I can start updating. Upon initial loading of the BiblioCraft source code into Eclipse setup with the newest forge I get about 3000 errors. So definitely don’t expect this update too soon, this will most certainly take some time.

Yesterday the 8th marks the 1 year anniversary since BiblioCraft was first released. Its hard to believe it has been an entire year now since I first went public with this project. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and hope to have another fun and productive year with BiblioCraft coming up!

As always, post either here on the news post, on the forum, or on my github if you have any issues. Hopefully there won’t be any more major issues with this version. Enjoy! :)

New years news and Biblio-Ninja, the mini-game.

Happy new year! Figured I needed to mention that since this is the first post of the new year. I’ve been quite busy on a few side projects, but I hope to start moving BiblioCraft to Minecraft v1.7.x quite soon. Forge is coming along really nice and is already quite usable, but is still in alpha stage. After Forge at least makes it into beta and the Minecraft Coder Pack officially comes out with all the common naming of code like I am used to then it will be time to officially start the transition. As it stands right now, directly importing BiblioCraft into the newest forge gets me almost 5000 errors, so I expect this will take a good bit of time to go through and fix. I am hoping that once the common naming schemes is fully implemented my error count will be reduced quite a lot and it will be much easier to make the transition.

After the move, I have a couple of notebook pages of some really fun ideas I would like to start implementing. So I expect some exciting stuff to happen with BiblioCraft over the course of this year. I can’t lay any sort of time table on any of this stuff because I am quite busy with college and some other projects I have in the works. But I will certinally find time to keep BiblioCraft moving forward. ;)

Speaking of side projects, over this last weekend I created a mini-game for a class I am taking. I used Scratch, a free online development environment created by MIT. I highly recommend anyone check it out, it is a fun way to understand some programming and create fun little projects without too much time investment.

Check out my minigame: Biblio-Ninja. A game about placing books on bookcases. You may find much of the artwork quite familiar. Have fun! :)