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    I’m a very big decocraft/bibliocraft fan and found the combination of the two to be amazing. I was able to make a beautiful farmers market, currently working on a flea market.

    On the desk, there is one spot for an item, however this item places one direction regardless of which way I put it in.  Which currently (i haven’t figured out how to add pictures), my flea market is in the building stages, and I added the desks for the checkout (obviously in a flea market with furniture you aren’t going to have a standard checkout), I am using the laptops from decocraft on the desk for the obvious that a customer can order BUT if i put the laptop in the slot it only faces out which means I either have to just sit the laptop on top of the desk (not a huge deal) OR remove the living room section and move the “checkout” to the other side of the flea market.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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