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    I just posted BiblioCraft v1.10.5 to the downloads page. This is a really important update if you are running a server. This update will fix a couple of nasty exploits that people figured out how to use to duplicate stuff and just spawn in things.  Those exploits will be impossible now.  wholesale bed sheets , cheap comforter sets , gul ahmed sale 2018 bed sheets , bed sheet wedding , king size bedspread size , pure cotton mattress online , blankets near me , bed razai , 6 seater sofa cover , crushed velvet bedding  I also added a couple small features from requests such as a new clock redstone modes that let you switch between a redstone pulse or a solid redstone signal for the duration of the times selected. I also added tooltips to the framed block items that show what texture it currently applied. I also added the word “diary” to the default list of books for bookcases and such and fixed a rendering bug on the shelf that sometimes colored things purple when an enchanted item was on the shelf.



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