BiblioCraft v2.4.4 for Minecraft 1.12.2 released!

I just released an update for BiblioCraft. There are about half a dozen crashes I was able to fix. A lot of these are issues that I have been stuck on for the past so many months. I was able to get a real good roll lately and get a lot of the major issues fixed. I’ve also added one new feature, fancy signs will now retain their data when broken and placed back down. Now we can easily move our signs around without having to redo them.

I’ve only updated Minecraft 1.12.2 so far but I may back-port the crash fixes to a couple previous version here in the near future. Most likely I will only worry about bug fixes for Minecraft v1.7.10 and v1.10.2 as those are the most popular versions aside from Minecraft 1.12.2. Sometime this summer I would like to do a feature update and add a couple of things that have been on my mind for quite awhile. With new features, my focus will be only on 1.12.2 and forward.

Anyway, head on over to the downloads page or on over to curseforge to grab the newest version. Enjoy!

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Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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