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    The [url=]pandora charms soldes[/url] is the latest special-clasp offering from Pandora, combining the traditional Moments bracelet with the hugely popular Love of my Life clip from 2013. This has always been one of my favourite Pandora clips; the effect is rather chic, and the sparkle isn’t overpowering when you put it with the right pieces.For me, one of the immediate benefits is that it features the regular spherical clasp – previous heart clasp bracelets have been shaped like hearts, and they’re often extremely difficult to clasp and unclasp on your own when the bracelet is stiff and new.
    [url=]pandora bracelet pas cher[/url] first experimented with using this clasp as a clasp back in 2014, when they released the limited edition Circle of Love bangle for Mother’s Day. This is quite a hard to find piece these days but, if you do it have it, then it makes for a gorgeous stack with this new version of the bracelet!This one is much easier to do up, even when brand new, and you still get the pretty effect on the clasp. The only thing to note is that the sparkling design is only one side; on the back of the clasp, there’s the plain Pandora silver logo.
    I find the choice of detailing on its face very cute, and oddly enough quite reminiscent of a Chinese waving cat figurine. Its features remind me of the [url=]pandora bague soldes[/url], with a similarly stylised look to it. Its eyes in person also don’t look as vacant as the stock image suggests.It also has a number of Pandora’s trademark animal details; its paws are minutely picked out (I always love this about Pandora’s animal charms) underneath the bead (which is where the hallmarks are located). It is a small charm, but not quite as tiny as the Mrs Claus bead. It’s threaded, and feels substantial despite its diminutive size.
    Back when the first [url=]pandora bijoux soldes[/url] came out, the Essence Autumn 2016 collection was the one that got me the most excited! With its pretty, soft pastels, the delicate patterning on the enamel Freedom bead and the use of genuine mother of pearl on three of the beads, I was head over heels. The CZ beads might not be to everyone’s taste, but they also represent a more contemporary look for the Essence collection, and demonstrate how Pandora is looking to broaden its appeal.
    In contrast, the [url=]bijoux charms pandora pas cher[/url] is a gorgeous milky-creamy off-white, with shimmering pearlescent squares set into a warmer background. I don’t know if this is true for every example, but you can see much more of the background colour behind the stones in this charm. It doesn’t detract from the overall effect, but I think I would have preferred to be a little more like the Balance bead in finish!The shimmering, opalescent effect isn’t quite as striking with this one as it is with the blue Balance bead, but it really works well with other pastels or the pearl Dignity bead, which is a similarly subtle colour.

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