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    Hello! Been following your mod for quite some time!
    (want to apologize If I confuse you, wrote this before I could forget D:)
    I think cabinets could be a great addition to the mod. It offers the opportunity to store items in an attractive way other than chests, especially for kitchens. Your mod already compliments a lot of food/crop mods, so this might also answer the request many people would like to see. For tall, ceiling based cabinets, they could be a blend between display cases and item shelves. They can be opened in the same way as display cabinets, except instead of using a glass inlay, they could have a solid piece of wood, or the appearance of  kitchen cabinet facing. They would also be deeper than display cases as well. Inside would be the shelving, which would behave like normal shelves. Cabinets could be connected vertically using a handsaw. After connected they can be opened together at the same time. The tools could also be used to mirror the cabinets as well. Drawers could also be a part of the cabinetry addition. To open them you could shift right click on the drawer face, and it would pull out the drawer,. Your items could be visible like the cabinets and shelves, but hidden in the drawer. Drawers and cabinets could be combined to have a combination of the two. In order to have a counter top with the ability to place items on them, you could have an extra slot to place a material in that would be still within the block, so it won’t interfere with the block above it.

    Market Crates:
    Market Crates
    The Idea for market crates came to me while I was working on a little shopping area for one of my MC worlds. Besides using shelves, I wanted a creative and attractive way to show off produce and the ability to walk up and grab 1 item at a time from a stack. They could be slightly taller than the size of a half slab. When initially crafted, they would be empty. When placed, you can shift right click on it and bring open a UI where you can place 1-3 items in a slot. The number of items in the crate is reflected visually. Putting one item in one of the slots would show just one item. Putting an entire stack of the item would result in a randomly oriented pile, with a slight overflow, like in the picture posted above (note the green pepper stack :D). To have a slightly more organized pile, the hand drill could be used to straighten it up. Using the hand drill could also randomly change the orientation and look of the pile displayed. The other two slots can be used to add more variety to the piles. Less in the slot means that there will be less in the pile. A full stack in all of the slots would produce a random combination of the items in the slots.

    Small suggestion:
    Books should be displayed in the side shelves on framed connected desks :)

    Thank you for listening in advanced! :)


    Thanks. I like some of your ideas here. Thanks for being so descriptive. Cabinets have been a popular request for quite some time. I think you presented some pretty interesting ideas for cabinets. The market crates is a pretty interesting idea too. I like the idea of something you can throw stacks of things into then just pull out a single item at a time. I will definitely keep some of this stuff in mind for a future update. :)



    Maybe I would be strategic to use some furniture, and I prefer using mass seating like this benches

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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