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    First, I just gotta ask; What is up with all of the forum spam on here? o_O

    Seriously though, I have a question about the Atlas/Map Frame interactions. If I understand everything correctly, you can only import/export waypoints to/from an Atlas on the specific map in the Atlas that is currently displayed (meaning that it is the map that corresponds to your current coordinates and specified zoom level). If I had, for example, a single map of the area around where the map is placed (in a map frame), then this interaction is pretty straightforward but what if I have a map wall made of several maps?

    In my specific case, I have the beginnings of a map wall (only 3 maps atm) and I have done a lot of exploring in those maps with my Atlas, marking several waypoints in the process. I would like to be able to export waypoints to all of the maps on my mapwall but unless I’m missing something, this can only be done for the map that correlates to the area that the map is in, meaning that the other two cannot import Atlas waypoints unless they are placed in a frame within the area of that specific map.

    Is this correct and/or intentional? Is there some other way of sharing waypoints that I’ve overlooked? I’ve settled for manually placing new waypoints on the map wall as best-guesses to where the actual waypoints in the Atlas are but there’s no way I can remember where they all are so I hope I’m just missing something.


    PS: I am so glad that you haven’t given up on this mod yet, It is honestly one of my favorites and I’m pretty picky about what mods I play with. So thankyou for the time and effort, Nuchaz.

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