BiblioWoods Addons

These add-ons for BiblioCraft will allow the player to craft 8 of the wooden BiblioCraft blocks in the different woods provided by said mod. For any BiblioCraft block that currently can be specified by the 4 vanillas woods can be made the same way with the modded woods and you will receive a block of that color wood.

Version’s for BiblioCraft 1.5.0+ also include map frames, seats, and seat backs. Not pictured.
Version’s for BiblioCraft 1.7.4+ also include Fancy signs and Fancy workbenchs.

Biomes O' Plenty woods showcase

Biomes O’ Plenty woods showcase

Forestry woods showcase

Forestry woods showcase

Natura woods showcase

Natura woods showcase

ExtraBiomesXL woods showcase

ExtrabiomesXL woods showcase

Highlands woods showcase

Highlands woods showcase

For Minecraft 1.7.10 and BiblioCraft v1.10.3+
Download BiblioWoods TerraFirmaCraft edition v1.0:
For TerraFirmaCraft v0.79.15:
For TerraFirmaCraft v0.79.17:
For TerraFirmaCraft v0.79.18+:

Click here to see BiblioWoods TerraFirmaCraft edition recipes. 

For Minecraft 1.7.2/1.7.10 and BiblioCraft v1.8.x, 1.9.x and 1.10.x
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.9:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.7:
Download BiblioWoods ExtraBiomesXL edition v1.4:
Download BiblioWoods Natura edition v1.5:
Download BiblioWoods Highlands edition v1.4:

For Minecraft 1.7.2/1.7.10 and BiblioCraft v1.7.5
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.7:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.5:
Download BiblioWoods Natura edition v1.3:
Download BiblioWoods Highlands edition v1.2:

For Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.4 and BiblioCraft v1.5.0-b1.5.5
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.3:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.3:
Download BiblioWoods ExtraBiomesXL edition v1.1:
Download BiblioWoods Natura edition v1.1:
Download BiblioWoods Highlands edition v1.1:

For Minecraft 1.6.2 and BiblioCraft v1.4.1 (Forestry and BoP editions work in v1.4.0 also)
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.2:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.2:
Download BiblioWoods ExtraBiomesXL edition v1.0:
Download BiblioWoods Natura edition v1.0:
Download BiblioWoods Highlands edition v1.0:

For Minecraft 1.6.2 and BiblioCraft v1.3.4
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.1:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.1:

For Minecraft 1.5.2 and BiblioCraft v1.3.3
Download BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.0:
Download BiblioWoods Forestry edition v1.0:

Custom Painting Resource Packs

To use the custom painting packs simply download them and place them in your resource pack folder then add the custom panting resource pack as a resource pack in game.

This pack, made by Jem990, is an amazing Doctor Who themed pack.  See this forum post for preview images.
Download it here:

This is another really great pack made by Jem990 that contains 36 images with a mix of themes including anime and fantasy themes. See this forum post for preview images.
Download it here: Custom

Text to BiblioCraft Book formatting tool

Huge thanks to delax for creating this utility.  This tool will allow you to take a .txt file, say a full book or paper of some sort, and with this utility, create either a vanilla book or Big Book file that you can place in your books folder and access with the typesetting table.

This utility is available in a python command line tool and a windows command line tool that also includes an easy to use GUI.
Download it here:
Select the “releases” tab to get the windows release.

Downloadable Books for the typesetting table

Huge thanks to Ash for doing this.
This link will take to you a Google drive full of books compatible with the typesetting table:

Huge thanks to Pupp3t33r for also starting a Google drive based book repository.  Check it out to download more books!

Texture Pack Addons

Confirmed 1.7 compatible resource packs:

vonDoomCraft has resource packs that support everything in BiblioCraft v1.8.2 and several of the BiblioWoods. Huge thanks to druha for his amazing work on the BiblioCraft textures.
See the vonDoomCraft thread here:

128x vonDoomCraft for BiblioCraft v1.8.2:
128x vonDoomCraft for BiblioWoods ExtraBiomes edition:[ExtraBiomesXL]
128x vonDoomCraft for BiblioWoods Natura edition:[Natura]

The Harmony Texture pack contains support for BiblioCraft and has sizes from 16x to 128x, check them out here:

Pure BD Craft has been updated for BiblioCraft v1.7.5 and comes in flavors from 16x to 512x, find them here:

The Johnsmith pack is also updated for 1.7 and has a version with BiblioCraft textures. Check it out here:
These have a github setup where you can download specific textures or contribute:

The Soartex pack also has a version that includes BiblioCraft textures: found here:
You can check out these textures on github:


Confirmed 1.6 compatible resource packs:

Thanks to druha for completing this vonDoomCraft resource pack that supports everything in v1.4.x of BiblioCraft! There is also a BiblioWoods BoP edition resource pack that support all the woods!
Check out the full vonDoomCraft resource pack here.
Download druha’s vonDoomCraft resource pack for BiblioCraft here.
Download druha’s vonDoomCraft resource pack for BiblioWoods BiomesOPlenty edition here.


Eventually I would like to add some screenshots to this page to show off resource packs. All in good time!

Much of these are out of date and as far as I am aware, none of them support the new resource pack system in 1.6 which has changed a few things relating to texture packs.  If anyone would like me to add up-to-date or new texture pack links to this list, please visit my forum thread on the Minecraft Forums by clicking the forum link at the top of the page and posting on my forum thread.

Here are some of the  wonderful texture pack addons that have been created by the community.
To install, download and extract to your hard drive, then place the jds folder (Minecraft 1.4.7) or mods folders (Minecraft 1.5.x), inside of the texture pack of your choice.

Created by Asphyxious, This first pack fully supports BiblioCraft v1.1.5 – v1.1.6.
Download textures by Asphyxious

32x JohnSmith textures. Credit goes to nimh for everything in this pack except the custom book covers that were created by theSwak. GUI textures for 32x JohnSmith have been created by Vangraven. This pack includes texture to support all blocks in BiblioCraft v1.1.0 and all GUIs in v1.1.0.
Click here to visit the offical forum page for the John Smith Legacy packs.
Thanks to Zicamox, the BiblioCraft textures can be found in the official download of the John Smith: Technician’s Remix pack. Currently the full pack includes all but the newest desk textures.
Click here to download the 32x John Smith: Technician’s remix pack with BiblioCraft support.

128x Spax PureBDcraft textures. This is a collaborative effort that began with TrAnEmistermaddog and dozidThese are a work in progress on the forum and seem nearly finished.
Click here to visit the WIP thread. A link to download the most current version can be found within the thread. After the pack is finished I will post a link to download the pack directly from here.